What is the meaning of the new royal child of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle for Great Britain

What is the meaning of the new royal child of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle for Great Britain
London - politicians suddenly stopped debating about the braxith. The last scary of a teenager did not beat the news bulletin. For a moment, the nation forgot that after three days of the weekend due to the public holiday, she returned to work on Tuesday.

The boy, who was born here on Monday, is said to be the "real American child" of Prince Harry and Duchess Sussex of Sussex, who are still in line with the anonymous and seventh throne. The Queen's eighth great-grandson weighed 7 pounds, 3 oz.

In the recent history of the British monarchy, the child becoming the first multinational child is eligible for double British and American citizenship.

The long-standing conservatism of the British is that they do not even have good emotions. The hard upper lip and all that. However, a Prince Harry, very curious, emerged from Frogm's house of Cottage which he shared with Meghan Merkle in England's Windsor, to say that he was "excited" and "on the moon", that his American wife's new The son was "absolutely comfortable" -die-for "and that both mother and child were doing incredibly well".

Prince Harry said that he was "so incredibly proud of my wife".

But the important meaning of the monarchy related to the monarchy for royal births, weddings and British is usually less for one thing: it provides opportunities for unity in tough and difficult times; A hint to think about the daily routine. And so it was for the latest addition to the royal family's passion for Britain.

"It seems something positive for once," said Mark Jones of London, 28.

Officials, cabinet ministers, political scientists and members of the public are in the throats of others for months due to Britain's efforts to leave the European Union, fiercely contesting elections in the local elections, the future situation of the British leader, crime with increasing knife, climate change Protests and President Donald Trump's imminent June visit On Monday, everyone ran to congratulate the couple.

Prime Minister Theresa May on Twitter wrote, "Best wishes to all of you in this happy moment." Leader of Opposition Labor Party and Major Rival Jeremy Corbin of May said that he is "hoping everyone's recovery". Scotland's leader Nikola Sturgeon, who is pushing for another vote for freedom when Brexit goes forward, wrote on Twitter: "Birth of a child is a happy occasion, Congratulations to Harry and Meghan."

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the oldest bishop of the Church of England, said: "God bless the new family with love, health, and happiness."

Buckingham Palace said in a statement, "The Queen, her husband, Duke of Edinburgh and his son, Prince of Wales," were happy with the news. "

London Eye, a cantilever observation wheel on the banks of the River Thames, which is popular with tourists, shows red, white and blue light. In BT Communication Tower in central London, "It's a Baby!" Observed Your digital message has been written on the screen at 630 feet above the capital city.

There was also a familiar voice across the pond.

Former lady Michelle Obama wrote on Twitter, "Congratulations, Meghan and Harry, Barak and I are excited for both of us and we can not wait to meet them." #RoyalBaby, "

Since it is traditional when a new member of the royal family is born, an "announcement of birth" was placed on the impressive seat of the ornate easel made of gold outside the Buckingham Palace, the principal official residence of the queen and the dominant seat of the monarchy.

"The Queen and the royal family are happy with the news that His Royal Highness, Duchess of Sussex, was delivered safely to a son at 05:26 in the morning," The easel reads. "His Royal Highness and his son are fine."

In the same way, when Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were born, a traditionally prepared bulletin was taken from the privy parde dore of Buckingham Palace and was taken to the courtyard, where it was seen by some thousand viewers.

When it was placed, hundreds of camera phones were raised in the air and heard with almost half a dozen applause but were sold soon. This self-service did not push supporters and intellectuals who stayed on rental bicycles, to put a quick look at the large groups of Pushchairs and school children or guided tours.

38-year-old Nurse Maria Alvizo said, "It is wonderful for your family to come here in this incredible time."

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