With Brad and Leo, Tarantino premiere a fairy tale in Cannes.

With Brad and Leo, Tarantino premiere a fairy tale in Cannes.
Cannes, France (AP) - Twenty years after the premiere of "Pulp Fiction" in Cannes, Quentin Tarantino returned to the French Film Festival without great retaliation or fury, but a giant fairy tale about the decade of Los Angeles.

"Once Upon A Time In ... Hollywood" started its long-awaited Tuesday at Cannes, giving the celebration the most focused touch of celebrity and frenzy. The two stars of the film, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, brought the glamor suitable for the red carpet of Hollywood's old school Kens, where crowds with Croats grew.

Most of the "Once Upon a Time ... Hollywood" plot was carefully kept secret before the premiere. DiCaprio has worried the western actor that his notoriety is declining. Pitt played his driver because of his double friend, and, an aggressive drunk driving. However, in the context of the Manson family's killings, Tarantino's role is reversed in fixing an old Hollywood glow.

For a film producer, who is often associated with blissful dialogue and bliss blasts of violence, "Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood" works for 56 years of Tarantino at a more relaxed pace, generous amounts of time Dedicated to A spaghetti western And television show of the 60s.

Prior to the premiere, Tarantino, whose "Pulp Fiction" won Palme d'Or in 1994, issued a statement to the festival's audience, in which a request was made to not spoil the film for future viewers, from the screening of the film The first one request was repeated. Journalists already set the hours line.

"Once Upon a Time In ... Hollywood" is the first Tarantino film not to be released by Harvey Weinstein. After Tarantino cut the relationship with the infamous tycoon, the project attracted the interest of most studios. Sony Pictures got the film and gave it a budget of $ 95 million, which was very less at stake on the original high-priced movie.

Instead of superheroes or intellectual property, "Once Upon A Time In ... Hollywood" will compete with Tarantino and his two movie stars on the draw. Margot Roby is also co-starring as Sharon Tait.

"Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood" will be released in US theaters on July 26.

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