An interruption of Google Cloud breaks Snapchat, YouTube, Gmail

An interruption of Google Cloud breaks Snapchat, YouTube, Gmail
Do not panic, but two of The Youths ™ main entertainment sources are down.

Snapchat and YouTube, as well as Gmail, G Suite, Discord and other services, are found in some regions of the eastern United States. U.s And Europe. An interruption of Google Cloud, which feeds logins for many non-Google properties, is responsible. That report comes from The Verge, as well as clip-cut comparisons on

(Editor's note: all Google services, in addition to Discord, work at 5:22 pm ET and they never stopped working for Mashable's weekend editor, Adam Rosenberg, who lives near the city of New York, so it's not a universal problem for everyone, even on the east coast.)

Google reported the problem for the first time at 12:25 p.m. PT on Sunday. He provided more information about the cause of the congestion one hour later, but the problem continues.

YouTube and Snapchat users have gone to Twitter to convey their dismay. Apparently, Snapchat users are still receiving notifications when they get snapshots, but they can not open the application and view the content. This is, apparently, a heartrending mockery.