Andrew McCutchen is out for the season. That's devastating for the Phillies

Andrew McCutchen is out for the season. That's devastating for the Phillies
When the Philadelphia Phillies, at the start of their wild winter of big spending and big exchanges, produced $ 50 million over three years at outfielder Andrew McCutchen, many in the industry saw it as a strange overpayment, a stance confirmed when most of the remaining 30 - high hitters in the market.

The Phillies, however, saw McCutchen, the Most Valuable Player of the 2013 National League, as a cornerstone for their championship hopes: a left fielder and batter and a popular figure in the clubhouse who, above all, showed up work every day Although his production dropped from its peak in the mid-20s, he was one of the longest hitters in the game, averaging 155 games per season as of 2010.

To understand why the loss of McCutchen during the rest of the 2019 season was so devastating for the Phillies on Tuesday, after an MRI confirmed a torn ACL in his left knee, he suffered when trying to break the day before San Diego: start with that every day presence: while the Phillies, for a first team, already had a lot of problems, from the inconsistency of the bullpen to the lack of depth of rotation and Bryce Harper strikeouts, the only thing The one they never had to worry about was McCutchen.

The news on Tuesday came as the Phillies (33-27) with a streak of five consecutive losses in a game in San Diego, with its advantage in the Eastern Division of the National League, which was located in three games and a half less than one week, until half a game. about the Atlanta Braves

"It's a sucky dynamic," McCutchen told reporters on Tuesday. "It's not the news I want to hear."

Reinforcements were on the way, with rookie outfielder Adam Haseley, his first-round pick in 2017, called the AAA Class on Tuesday, and newly acquired veteran Jay Bruce making his Phillies debut on Monday. They will be centered on man and left the field, respectively. But the Phillies were already thin in the gardens, with regular center fielder Odubel Herrera on the restricted list after an incident of domestic violence; McCutchen had been changed from left to center to cover him.

Launch Harper's well-documented fights on the plate, and the Phillies' gardens now look like an unqualified disaster, and Haseley and Bruce probably are not full-time answers. The first has only 27 appearances on the plate above the AA Class; The latter was supposed to have a bat platoon/bank. For now, both will be pressured in more or less daily duties.

"This is something that all clubs go through," manager Gabe Kapler said Monday before the Phillies. "All the clubs go through difficult times, they go through difficult times, they have injury problems, nobody will feel sorry for us, we just have to fight back." and prepare as we always do. "

But the Phillies have already invested too much in this season: their offer knocks them down, not only for McCutchen, but also for Harper and reliever David Robertson through free agency, and shortstop Jean Segura and catcher J.T. Realmuto in exchanges - to stand And there are still eight weeks left until the 31 deadlines for the exchange, it would not surprise anyone to make another great move.

The Phillies can find someone who can play. You may find someone who is able to take care of the place of departure. But it is unlikely that they will find another McCutchen, the least of the concerns of the Phillies, until, suddenly, he was the greatest.