Andy Ruiz Jr. surprises Anthony Joshua in a big surprise by winning heavyweight titles

Andy Ruiz Jr. surprises Anthony Joshua in a big surprise by winning heavyweight titles
NEW YORK (AP) - Andy Ruiz Jr. had six weeks

He has a lifetime to celebrate the boxing of the biggest heavyweight stunners.

A mass downer like Buster Douglas, Ruiz knocked down British champion Anthony Joshua four times, and the last two in the seventh round showed the decisive blows.

Ruiz, the first boxer of Mexican descent to win a heavyweight title, culminated one of boxing's epic surprises to win Joshua's heavyweight championship action on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.

"I feel very good, man," said Ruiz. "This is what I've been dreaming about, that's why I've been working hard, I can not believe I've made my dreams come true."

Ruiz recorded his name in Heavyweight lore by TKO at 1:27 in the seventh round to become the surprise champion in a fight that had the nuances of Douglas's surprise for Mike Tyson for the heavyweight title in 1990. Summoned as a full garden.
Considered a joke by the fans, all the Ruiz dominated the British champion and used a TKO to change their weight and the heavyweight division upside down. Ruiz accumulated 32 victories without defeating many renowned boxers and entered the ring with a waist that would need a large championship belt.

Ruiz, a flaccid fighter from Southern California, fell short on his only chance to win a world title, having lost points to then-WBO champion Joseph Parker in December 2016.

Ruiz even warned Joshua before the fight: "Do not underestimate this fat little boy."

The 270-pound heavyweight felled Joshua twice in the third round and did it twice more in seventh place before referee Mike Griffin finished the fight. Joshua was dizzy and stumbled

Ruiz intervened after fighting on April 20, when he stopped Alexander Dimitrenko. Jarrell Miller's drug tests sent the challenger to the sideline and paved the way for the unexpected opportunity to obtain Ruiz's title. Ruiz (33-1, 21 KO's) took the opportunity and made history in boxing to win the WBA / IBF / WBO / IBO championships. He raised his arms in celebration and jumped around the ring when his corner quickly assaulted him and a wild celebration began.

"I have that Mexican blood in me," he said. "Speaking of the Mexican style, I just tried it." 
The real shock could have been that the garden was full on Saturday night. Yes, Ruiz is up there with Douglas and Hasim Rahman for whom he can believe he wins, but casual sports fans do not even know the names of most boxing champions, instead of the pay-per-view parties, this card was transmitted by DAZ

When the announcer of the ring, Michael Buffer, announced the name of the judges "If this fight was the distance", the fans laughed at the ridiculous possibility that Ruiz was the last loser.

Joshua (22-1, 22 KO's) and Ruiz were electrifying in the third round that was the crowd of 20,201 howling with each strong hit. Joshua knocked down Ruiz at the beginning of the round and the promise of a horizon.

Ruiz, with his trunks a little too low for his corpulent body, returned and used a right over the head that shook the champion and sent him to the canvas. Joshua recovered only to be hit in the corner. Ruiz knocked him down again in the final ticks of the round while fans in an incredulous Garden crowd shouted "Oh my God!" Once again, Joshua beat the earl, but the bell saved the Briton from going to his weakened state. If it had not been a championship fight, maybe Griffin would have stopped the fight

Ruiz, whose father, a native of Mexico, took him to the gym when he was 6 years old and a year later had his son in a fight, shook the boxing world. Joshua was the fan's favorite and had all the enthusiasm for his first fight in the United States.

"If it was not for my dad, I would not be here," Ruiz said.

Kyrie Irving, star of the NBA, and rapper Meek Mill were among the celebrities of the house, hoping that Joshua would achieve a victory and establish more aspiring and attractive matches against Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and some other potential rivals.

"Sorry, I disappointed my fans, I forgive my followers," Joshua said.

Ruiz made some new ones.

"It's never over, it's over with Mexicans." Congratulations to Andy Ruiz, "tweets former UFC champion Conor McGregor.

Wilder, the owner of the WBC crown, decided Friday to give Luis Ortiz a rematch. Ortiz battered his fight early in 2018 before running out of fuel and getting knocked out