Breaking: B. Announce Exit of iKON

Breaking: B. Announce Exit of iKON
Following Dispatch's report on IKON's B.I, supposedly trying to buy illegal drugs, B. revealed his plans for an Instagram statement.

His official statement is as follows:

This is Kim Han Bin

First, I would like to apologize for the upward movement of my tremendously inappropriate actions.

It is true that I wanted to trust something I should not have had any interest in. However, I was too afraid and afraid to do it.

Even so, I am so embarrassed and apologetic to the fans that they were very disappointed and hurt

I intend to self-reflect humbly on

Once again, I bow my head down and sincerely apologize to the fans and members. I apologize

YG Entertainment later confirmed its exit from Icon, as well as the termination of its contract.