Crashing helicopter above a building in Midtown, 1 killed

Crashing helicopter above a building in Midtown, 1 killed
New York (CBSNewYork) - On Monday afternoon a helicopter crashed over a building in Midtown.

It happened at 1:43 pm, according to FDNV Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

The helicopter was flying in the restricted airspace and crashed.

787 On the seventh Ave, more than 100 people responded to the emergency. Between the 51st and the 52nd streets, the building is 54-story high.

The pilot, identified as Tim McCormack, died in New York's East Clinton. Volunteer Fire Department said that he has served as chief for 10 years. Prior to joining East Clinton's VFD, he was a member of the Lagrange Fire Department. According to the records of the Federal Aviation Administration, last year, according to 15 years of experience in helicopter and single-engine aircraft.

Before the accident, McCormack spoke on the radio, sources told CBS 2. Paul Dudley, manager of the airport at Linden, New Jersey, from where the helicopter sailed, said: "McCormack is an experienced and highly respected pilot in the community," saying that he had worked for his helicopter at the time of the accident.

Dudley said that he believed there was a mechanical or weather problem and McCormack was trying to land on top of the building to save the people on the ground, told LBS Runner of CBS 2.

There is no helipad on the roof of the building.

FAA said that the aircraft was an Agusta A109E helicopter and will investigate the causes of the NTSB accident. FAA air traffic controllers "could not handle the flight" Helicopter was registered in American continental properties, LLC.

The helicopter model, which was used in the restricted flight area when the crash occurred. Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the officials were investigating whether the helicopter had received restricted area of ​​flight control or not.

The building was evacuated.

"There was a shock and noisy and then we were evacuated," said one man. "It was that we just heard that the ground was moving like it was an earthquake and then we went back to business, then we got the clearance notice."

"You can smell the smoke, there is not too much smoke, but the smell I describe: Burned construction material started to go down," I could not find any person.

The Mayor of Blasio said, "We had a very strange and very troubling incident."

D Blasio emphasized that "There is no indication at the moment that this is an act of terror and at present, we have no threat to New York City based on all information available."

"We do not know the reason for this incident," said De Blasio. "It was a very bad incident, and thank God that no other person was injured in this absolutely unbelievable and amazing incident."

De Blasio praised the "extraordinary effort" of the first respondents.

Nigro said that the firefighters were at the site of the accident about four minutes after receiving 911 calls of the accident. He deployed hoses and special pumps to get more than 700 feet deep water to fight the fire.

Nigoro said, "We were successful in quenching the fire very fast, but unfortunately we did not find any prey from the helicopter, the mayor said that we are pilots."

Police commissioner James O'Neill said, "We know that at about 1:32 p.m. on a helicopter on Helicopter 34th Street this afternoon, and after about 11 minutes it collided with the roof." He is on the east side of the Helipad Manhattan. Officials believe but it is not confirmed that the helicopter will be trying to return to its operation in Linden, New Jersey, so it is crossing Manhattan.

O'Neill said that he was not "sure" why the helicopter was flying in a damp, foggy climate.

Governor Andrew Kowmo, who had close proximity and quickly reached the scene, said that a helicopter "forced" or "emergency" landing at the top of the building. Later the officials called this incident a fast pace.

"The initial information is that there was a helicopter who forcibly landed, an emergency landing or landed on the roof. The fire broke when the helicopter collided with the roof, those who were in the building, the fire department believed that fire control We are not involved in helicopters, "Qumo said." We do not know why the helicopter landed above the building, but the people present in the building were not injured. "