Edith González, star of the telenovela, dies at age 54.

Edith González, here at an awards ceremony in 2012, was best known for her role in "Salomé" soap.
Mexican soap opera star Edith González died Thursday, three years after he was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

She was 54 years old.

Her death was confirmed by the official Mexican news agency Notimex and the television stations where he worked, Televisa and TV Azteca.
we communicate with your publicist and with the agency that represents you but has not received a response.
The actress revealed in August 2016 that doctors discovered cancerous tissue in her abdomen. His cancer went into remission in 2017, but he returned sometime this year.
She is survived by her husband, Lorenzo Lazo, and her daughter, Constance, who is 14 years old.
A photo of Gonzalez and her daughter posted on their official Instagram on Thursday amassed more than 14,000 comments from famous friends and admirers.

"Goodbye, beautiful soul! What an honor to have met you and shared spaces!" Mexican actress Michelle Renaud commented.
The presenter of the morning, Andrea Legarreta, called Gonzalez a "loving warrior" and an example for women.
Best known for her role in soap "Salome," Gonzalez continued working until his death, most recently as a judge on the Mexican reality show "Este es mi estilo."
One account of that show Gonzalez lamented in a post.

González began her career as a child actress in the late 1970s and appeared in dozens of telenovelas, movies and theatrical productions in Mexico for more than two decades.
She is known for her leading role as Monica in the 1993 telenovela "Corazón Salvaje", "Sra. Barbara and" The rich also cry. "
González was also the first actress to take the initiative in the musical "Adventurer", one of the oldest shows in Mexico. She portrayed a woman who became sex work after her mother abandoned her as a child.
After he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, he talked constantly about his treatments and the subsequent hair loss. He appeared on magazine covers, shared encouraging messages on social networks and participated in talks to address cancer prevention.