Ford recalls 1.2 million Explorer SUVs for fears of suspension failure

Ford recalls 1.2 million Explorer SUVs for fears of suspension failure
The blue oval is also issuing three separate recovery actions, including its popular F-150 pickup.

Ford has just released a quartet of safety retreats.

The big one covers the very popular Ford Explorer SUV 2011-2017, and it's the possibility of a fractured rear end that snags onto the vehicle's suspension. In total, about 1.2 million vehicles are covered in the United States and its federalized territories, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

According to an official release from the automaker, the exploration of the affected fifth generation that is "exposed to the articulation of the frequent full rear suspension (rebound and rebound") may have a link to the failure of the link, a condition that could affect significantly the ability of the vehicle to be Engineered, increasing the chances of a crash.

Ford says he is not aware of any injuries related to this possible failure, reporting only that a customer's SUV hit a curb after the link to his foot failed.

Affected models of the Chicago assembly plant will see dealers replace the potentially defective suspension of the links on both sides and align the rear suspension.

Memory F-150
The 2013 Ford F-150 pickup trucks equipped with six-speed automatic gearboxes have also been removed. The security campaign, which covers about 123,000 American models, is in effect a withdrawal from a previous recall.

The affected F-150 models are equipped with a 5.0-liter or 6.2-liter V8 petrol engine before their powertrain control module is reprogrammed as part of another recovery service action. Those vehicles may have received an incomplete software update.

According to the Dearborn-based automaker, the F-series models may not have received the necessary software updates "to avoid a possible unintentional downshift in the first gear." At speed, an unexpected and unwanted change to the first gear could lead to control, which could cause an accident.

In addition, F-150 models with faulty programming may not be able to detect a fault indicator light when a problem is detected.

Ford dealers will have to reprogram the affected powertrain control modules to solve the problem.

Taurus, Flex, MKS, MKT memory

Speaking of fractured links on the back of the toe, some other Ford models are vulnerable to a similar failure, including some derivatives of Lincoln's first level. These models include the Ford Taurus 2010-2017 and the Flex crossover 2009-2017, as well as the Lincoln MKS 2009-2015 and the Lincoln MKT crossover 2010-2017.

Interestingly, Ford is only withdrawing about 12,000 Canadian market vehicles located in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The automaker says it is aware of a single crash that results in minor injuries.

As the Explorer recalls, Ford dealers will replace the links on the left and right with new forged units.

Econoline Souvenir

Finally, the blue oval is remembering around 4,300 examples of its 2009-2016 Econoline trucks equipped with the company's 5.4-liter V8 and 5R110W Torqshift transmission. Only Ford E-Series models equipped with an ambulance or school bus preparation package are affected by the campaign.

According to the recall notice, the transmission clutch component could have a defective capacitive discharge weld that could fail. While Ford says that "all normal engine functions, braking, and steering" are not affected, if fatigue causes the welding to fail, the vehicle can be immobilized, a potentially dangerous situation when children or patients are involved.

Ford will replace the coastal clutch cylinder of the affected Econoline vehicles and exchange a one-way unidirectional clutch with a single coupling unit currently in place.

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