Harvard withdraws the acceptance of Kyle Kashuv, student of Pro-Gun Parkland, for the past racist comments.

Harvard withdraws the acceptance of Kyle Kashuv, student of Pro-Gun Parkland, for the past racist comments.

On Monday, Harvard University rescinded its acceptance of Kyle Kashuv, a second-amendment activist who survived last year's deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida. Because of the racist comments, he made in high school that surfaced in the social network in May.

"The Admissions Committee takes the qualities of maturity and moral character seriously." After careful consideration, the committee voted to cancel its admission to Harvard, "the Ivey League school wrote in a letter to Kashuv that he shared on Twitter." We regret the circumstances that have led us to withdraw your admissions and we wish you success. Your future academic efforts and beyond. "

Last month, Kashuv issued an apology after being accused of racist comments, including several cases in which he used the word n; Once referring to "n - erjocks" in your school. After Harvard informed him of his decision in light of the comments, he then asked to meet with the university, but Harvard rejected his request and wrote in an email: "We understand that this result is disappointing, but keep in mind that the committee of Admissions with care and He is fully considered for his determination The decisions of the admissions committee are final. "

Kashuv argued that Harvard "should understand growth" about racism since the history of the institution is marked by numerous white supremacists and anti-Semites.

"Harvard's decision that someone cannot grow, especially after a life-changing event like shooting, is very disturbing." "If any institute understood growth, it's Harvard, which is considered the pinnacle of higher education," he wrote. "Throughout its history, the Harvard faculty has included slave owners, segregationists, fanatics, and anti-Semites, if Harvard suggests that growth is not possible and that our past has defined our future, then Harvard is an intrinsically racist institution.".

"In the end, this is not about me, it's about whether we live in a society where forgiveness is possible or if mistakes are considered irremediable, as Harvard has decided for me," he added, noting that he is "exploring all " "forward" options.

The alleged Kashuv text messages and other documented insults were shared by his classmates, who said he also has the Harvard admissions office to urge them to rescind their offer. A sample screen capture includes a shared Google Drive document, "As if you were very good at writing n, that's how you practice, ehhhhhh, it's a perfect son!"