Honda misses 1.6 M vehicle to replace potentially fatal Dwarf Airbag InfraTables

Honda misses 1.6 M vehicle to replace potentially fatal Dwarf Airbag InfraTables

Honda is retiring 1.6 million vehicles in the USUU. The US completed its necessary reminder six months ago to replace the potential inflatable Takata Airbag, which was necessary, the vehicle manufacturer said on Friday.

When the last time was missed, Honda said that 22.6 million inflators were withdrawn or 12.9 million vehicles were removed.

Takata inflators can be very harsh and can open a metal container, in which the scrape throws. Twenty-four people died and hundreds were injured in the flood.

The Japanese company, which was forced to go bankrupt due to the difficulties, used volatile chemical ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion and increased air pocket. But when exposed to high temperatures and humidity, the chemical gets worsened.

The retreat included several Honda and Acura models from 2003 to 2015. All replacement floaters were made by Takata until February 2017 and were called back.

Affected Honda model includes 2001-2012 agreement, 2010-2015 crosstor, 2001-2011 civic, 2002-2011 CR-V, 2011-2015 CR-Z, 2003-2011 element, 2007-2007 Fit 2007. , 2010-2014 Insight, Odyssey 2002-2004, Pilot 2003-2015 and Riedelin 2006-2014.

Acura models include 3.2CL 2003, ILX 2013, MDX 2003-2006, RDX 2015, RL 2005-2012, 3.2TL 2002-2003, TL 2009-2014, TSX 2009-2014 and 2010 - 2013 ZDX

Honda said that its repair has been completed or it represents 83 percent of the industry. Some were found in inflater scrapers or the vehicles are no longer in use.

The owners will receive a notification from the letter starting in mid-August, and Honda is urging people to schedule the repair time as soon as possible.

Nineteen automakers are recalling some 70 million inflators in the United States. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is being sorted out in a sequential manner.

In extraction, such inflators are not included in which there is a chemical that absorbs moisture. The government will decide to withdraw them from the market.