How ridiculous is Apple's $ 1,000 monitor support, really?

How ridiculous is Apple's $ 1,000 monitor support, really?
With $ 5,000, Apple's new Pro Display XDR is definitely not cheap, but with a 32-inch screen, 6K resolution, full HDR support (with a ridiculous maximum brightness of 1600 nits), and color reproduction are some of the affirmations is OLED you can see

But then Apple continues to cause fear in the bank accounts everywhere when it announced that the XDR screen would have another $ 1,000 in addition to that, I repeat: that's another. And you like it, because in addition to the $ 200 VESA mount adapter from Apple. , professional support is your only option that is not DIY to prevent the luxury monitor from falling.

After Apple's speech ended, it looked like Apple's expensive monitor. In fact, the price of Apple's professional support is so high that the crowd at WWDC 2019 let out a gasp when its price was announced, and that was a room full of reporters. Apple employees, Apple developers and other Apple followers who are supposed to be immune to Apple's stock now.

Now I do not have to mention that the XDR screen is not just a static arm. It allows the screen to rotate in portrait mode and has a clean hinge that allows you to easily adjust the height and angle of the screen independently, which is quite slippery. It also has a magnetic connector that allows owners to easily separate the support for transportation, in case you are someone who needs to switch to $ 5,000 screens on the regular screen. Still, $ 1,000 feels like a lot

That price seems even more ridiculous when you compare the Pro Display XDR support with the Surface Studio 2, which has similar display support that allows the system's display to tilt and move up and down easily, at the same time. that allows the screen to lower even more and become something like a digital drawing table. That's something that Apple's expensive support cannot do, although the compensation for that is the Surface Studio 2 in rotation in portrait mode.

But the real revelation is that the Surface Studio 2 starts at $ 3,500, and that's for the entire system that includes a 28-inch touch screen of 4500 x 3000, a Core i7 CPU, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of SSD and discrete graphics Nvidia among Other things

And if you look outside of desktop computers, the same $ 1,000 is a new iPhone XS, a new 4K TV (or two), three Nintendo switches or 112 cheese graters to match a bright new Pro display. And these are the Cuisinart racks. so you know they are quality.

That said, I guess none of this really matters, because the new $ 6,000 Mac Pro, the $ 5,000 Pro Display XDR and the $ 1,000 Stand Pro are not really meant for normal people or even a talented home artist. They are designed for high-quality design companies and animation studios with massive equipment budgets.

However, I can not help thinking that all this hustle and bustle could have been completely avoided if Apple had priced its Pro Display XDR at $ 6,000 instead of $ 5,000, and then it would have been released to the Pro Stand for free. At $ 5,000, the Apple Pro is very expensive, most people did not know it but list a monitor stand at $ 100.

After thinking about it, Apple's $ 1,000 professional support is expensive, but it's not exactly the scam that many people think it is. Seeing the child is the best way to go, the best thing to do is go and create more affordable versions of Pro Display and Pro Stand that a normal person can afford to pay. I think all Mac fans want a modern Apple desktop that they can call their own, not some of which is difficult to update all in one or micro tower, and the new Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, and Pro Stand certainly are not.

So, is Apple's $ 1,000 professional support fun? Sure, but it's the same level as a mouse with a port on the bottom, so you can not use it while it's charging, or better yet, a gold-plated Apple Watch. And as I said before, the Pro Display XDR and the Pro Stand were not designed for us anyway.