It seems that Baby Phat is coming back ... in Forever 21?

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The dazzled cat is back: Forever 21 has been tweeting tracks in a new collaboration with Baby Phat.

If you have a pink Nextel phone or a ruffled denim skirt in the early 2000s, there is a chance that Baby Phat would. The streetwear line for women was popular for making some of the most iconic looks associated with the intersection of hip-hop culture and fashion at the turn of the millennium, and it seems that the brand plans to continue that legacy in 2019.

In a cryptic tweet released on Tuesday, Forever 21 announced a possible re-launch of Baby Phat through its stores. "[Two] more days until the cat returns ... stay tuned for 6/13", joked the tweet, which was published with a video with the initials "KLS" The Twitter Effective Some on social networks speculated on a possible collaboration between the fast fashion giant and Baby Phat, whose founder is the former model Kimora Lee Simmons, and the full-fledged streetwear brand of the 2000s.

Simmons previously announced the re-launch of Baby Phat in March on International Women's Day, describing it as the "reincarnation of her baby" and mentioned that the first collection was in the summer.

Baby Phat was first launched in 1999 as a subsidiary of the Phat Fashions clothing line, Simmons' ex-husband, Russell Simmons. Highlighted by signature pieces such as velvet tracksuits, fur jackets, and embellished jeans, Baby Phat became a brand known for celebrating women of color and their influential role in fashion and fashion in the world. However, in 2010, Simmons announced through the exit of Twitter to be the creative director of the brand.

Now, it seems that Baby Phat May will return as soon as this Thursday, to the delight of fans who tweet about their nostalgia for their millennium-changing trends. However, the brand associated with Forever 21 for its re-launch brings some concerns. Baby Phat's legacy of being a pioneering clothing line in black culture does not necessarily match the general appeal of Forever 21, and collaboration could lead to the laundering of Baby Phat. Baby Phat was known for presenting black artists in their advertisements and on catwalks, while Forever 21 has been criticized by white models in culturally questionable contexts.

Baby Phat was also one of the first fashion brands to celebrate the curves of black women, which has recently been chosen by the Instagram culture of Fashion Nova / Kardashian; It will be interesting to see if Baby Phat recovers that space.

A launch with Forever 21 seems to be a step in the wrong direction, but we have to see how the collection is packaged to draw real conclusions. Neither Forever 21 nor Simmons have officially confirmed the news of the mysterious publications on social networks. Although it has been more appropriate for Baby Phat to partner with a company that understands its rich legacy in black culture, we are not yet ready to see how the brand is reintroduced for a 2019 audience.