John Dutton is ready to consider the new rule of 'Yellowstone' Season 2

John Dutton is ready to consider the new rule of 'Yellowstone' Season 2

Paramount Network released another preview of "Yellowstone" Season Two on the weekend, and fans will go crazy.

In the preview, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) tells Kayes that he is ready to die and is facing all the decisions. If you thought that the head of the Dutton family is going to dial it again, then this preview clarifies that this is not the case.

They can be seen hitting many people and a continuous meaning of darkness inspects the entire short video. Give him a watch below.

The first season of "Yellowstone" was very deep, and it seems that the second season will not slow down that trend. Looking at each preview we saw, it would be a war to protect the farm and the number of victims would be good and high.

We have only three more days left! Three days! On 19th June, we will sit on our chairs with cold drinks to see data, when the walls will start closing. If he does not excite you, then you are not my friend.

It's crazy that we've waited on Wednesday, and it's almost here. Outside of the "Westworld" return, I can not remember that for the last time I was very excited for a new season of the show.

Honestly, the return of "Yellowstone" may also be a hit HBO show for me. I need new episodes of Dato which inject directly into my veins.

Tune on 19th June on Paramount Network on the expected second season to see and lose control