Kosovare Asllani, Sweden has the gold difference to deal with Thailand

Advance (June 15, 20019) - Kosoware Aslani and Sweden took charge of the Women's World Cup in their first game of the group stage. He sent a slight team from Chile in the final round of Asllani and Madeleine Jenozi, winning 2-0. When coming to Thailand, they have to make a big test in terms of goal difference.

Kosovare Assalani, Sweden has the gold difference to deal with Thailand
Thailand is now famous for losing 13-0 to the women's national team of America, but not everyone is ready to defend themselves for the USWNT's contempt for their festivals.

This is another topic for another article. At present, Thailand requires a result for any hope of leaving the group. Sweden is the most likely opponent in the United States to win the group. Play the third and next week. Very good chance that both teams enter the game with six points. Which means that whoever holds the biggest difference while entering that game, they will only need a draw to win the group.

If Sweden wants to win the group (and there is a chance they are happy with the other), they should score against Thailand. The United States might possibly beat Chile more than two, so Kosovara Assalani must really get rid of Thais, or win the game against the United States in the third group stage game.

It is not clear how Thailand will adopt this game right now. Yes, out of the six teams in the third place, four will go to knockouts, but Thailand is clearly the worst team in Group F on paper. They can not perform worse than 13-0. If nothing else, then pride should be in line for Nuanggray Shreethangwin and the company. At least I hope they will make something more like a 90-minute performance than the game against the United States. Sweden should move towards a close scoring with a game that, if they want to defeat the group then they should win against the Americans.

Or perhaps Sweden does not want to face France in the potential quarter-final game in Paris.