Kumar Rocker released the best game in the history of college baseball

Kumar Rocker released the best game in the history of college baseball
A pitcher with a name like Kumar Rocker is bound to be noticed. With his performance on the mound Saturday night, Rocker left no doubt. That he has thrown him into a game without a batter for Vanderbilt is a story in itself. But it gets better.
Rocker pitched the no-hitter for a 3-0 victory over Duke in a game Vanderbilt had to win or they would have been eliminated from the NCAA baseball tournament, which they hosted. That adds intrigue and what is at stake, providing a much-needed context for Rocker's domain.

Vanderbilt, the No. 2 team in the country, still needs to win on Sunday to advance to the University World Series. But have a chance to come to the incredible Rocker.

That Rocker STRUCK OUT NINETEEN BATTERS sends its performance to the stratosphere on Saturday. He only walked with two batters, Michael Rothenberg in the second inning and Damon Lux in the sixth, and after the last walk, Rocker retired his last 10 batters faced, seven for strikeouts, of course. Rocker finished the game by striking out the Duke's last four batters, including hitting the team in the ninth.

All that balance, saving the Vanderbilt season and delivering the first game without games of the school in 48 years, and the eighth game without hits in the history of the NCAA baseball tournament, all that was delivered BY A FRESHMAN.

Nineteen years, 19 strikeouts. This is becoming increasingly amazing per minute.

Rocker thew 131 releases in his masterpiece, and in the end the boy seemed exhausted, and for good reason. Saving a season can be exhausting. 
The Rockies of Colorado recruited Rocker to leave high school in 2018 in round 38, the kind of pilot selection a team will make if they can convince a player to skip college. But Rocker made the choice of several others, addressing Vanderbilt, to the real Major League pitching factory in the last decade.

Seven Major League pitchers in 2019 were drafted from Vanderbilt in the first round, led by former Major-General David Price (2007). 
By 2020, Rocker could very well join his Vanderbilt peers as a first-round pick in the major leagues. At a minimum, thanks to Saturday night, Rocker will never be forgotten.