Live updates of the World Cup Italy and the Netherlands are goalless.

Italy and the Netherlands are playing in the semi-finals of the Women's World Cup. Read on for updates

Live updates of the World Cup Italy and the Netherlands are goalless.

Minute 56: Substitution of Holland.

Lineth Beerensteyn enters for Winger Shanice Van De Sanden

Minute 54: substitution of Italy.

Daniela Sabatino enters for Barbara Bonansea in the midfield.

Minute 52: Here come the Dutch.

The Netherlands has come out of the half in a rhythm, generating three high-quality opportunities in the last four minutes. Running his offense on the right flank with Shanice Van De Sanden, Jackie Groenen and Danielle Van De Donk, Italy cannot seem to take the box. They have entertained the party.

Half time: 0-0

Through half, it is difficult to choose a favorite between Italy and the Netherlands. In a goalless draw, both have a step back.

Maybe it's the heat, or maybe, as this World Cup scenario often engenders, it's the desire not to lose. But two of the tournament's highest and unpredictable teams have played 45 minutes of predictable football, sometimes without inspiration.

At the time of halting at the end of the half, the Dutch finally began holding the ball with a purpose, spurring a late free-kick just outside the 18-yard box. Sherida Spitse took the effort and sent a non-threatening ball around the defensive wall of Italy that was saved.

Italy, content to counterattack and, often, inaccurate with its passage, still had as many shots as the Netherlands (and they were credited with five each), and possibly of better quality.

But not so close to breaking

Minute 41: Yellow card for Italy.

Defender Elena Linari received a yellow card for knocking down a Dutch attacker one foot away from the 18-yard box. It is the first opportunity of high quality for the Netherlands and Sherida Spitse took the free kick. He tried to spin a low ball off the Italian wall, but it was not a test for goalkeeper Laura Giuliani.

Minute 25: tilt the band

There was not a ton of action yet, there was a shot in Italy in the 25th minute, but Valenciennes fans are still getting their money's worth every time the Dutch are on the ball. A group of trumpeters is "We Will Rock You" to "Hey! Baby" to "Yellow Submarine". After a questionable Dutch handball, they played the traditional "Call to the Post" of horse racing. If you are watching the game at home. , Turn up the volume. You can hear the brass loud and clear.

And we go!

It's another scorching day as France faces a historic heat wave. It's 91 degrees in Valenciennes in northeastern France, near the border with Belgium. The referee will stop playing periodically.

Here are the starting line-ups of the match.

Thoughts before the game

Between Italy and the Netherlands, whose race to the quarterfinals of the World Cup was more impressive? The Italians, the world No. 15 team, finished first in a group that included the top 10 teams from Australia and Brazil, and then knocked down China, 2-0, in the round of 16. The Dutch, No. The world's 8th teams defeated two top teams in Canada and Japan and are one of the four remaining teams that have not yet lost a tournament in the tournament.

That makes this game among the most intriguing in the quarterfinals. Two European teams, two relatively equal teams, two teams that have won games like the aggressor and the backlash, two teams that are looking for their first trip to a semifinal.

The Netherlands came here with a last-minute penalty awarded by VAR against Japan scored by Lieke Martens, his second tournament account. Incidentally, it also became a symptom of the Dutch struggle to create meaningful offensive opportunities with their dreams of the World Cup on the line.

For Italy, the 2-0 victory over China in round 16 was a triumph, but now it is a diminished team. Goalscorer Cristiana Girelli, who had a hat trick against Jamaica in group play, left the last game early after being reported by the heat stroke. With the quarter-final match coming four days later, it is not clear if he will be well enough to play.