New York Knicks What happens if Kyrie Irving brings his talents in Brooklyn

Kyrie Irving has a simple reality that can take his talent to the Brooklyn Nets and pull Kevin Durant with him. New York Knicks will have to compromise for the next best work, and it can be D'Angelo Russell.

The star setter of the Nets had 21.1 points with the average game in 2018. However, he is the second or even third point defender for the Nix, because Kemba Walker is still a possibility.

Irving has expressed his desire to join the Nets, an Indicator who is his signature with RC Nation and is the brother of CEO Nets General Manager. Irving was already sitting with Durant and talked about playing together in Big Apple. At this point, the signs point to the net, but in the free agent window, it would be ignorant to abandon the Nax.

Bucher said in The Hurd, "I've been told that Kevin Durant has transferred all of his things to New York and will spend there in the summer." "He and she have met and have continued to discuss the simultaneous play ... All the indications are that KD is planning to be somewhere else."

It is appropriate to consider Russell, who is comfortable in New York, which is a potential choice for Nix, given Durant's injury and the lack of confidence that Irving will go to The Garden. The guards market will dry out quickly, and the Draft does not represent many other good alternatives other than Jay Mortensen, who will probably take their talents in Memphis because they do not have the number 2 option.

After the premium options, the nix has to choose between Ricky Rubio, Darren Collinson, Patrick Beverley, and Rajon Rondo.

With Russell at the age of 27, it is fair to say that offering him a maximum contract would be a good idea. With only one motivational season for its credit, this would be a risk, but it has been proven that it can play at a higher level, and continue to develop it by providing weapons to aggressive use. Should help in keeping It would be interesting to see where Nux has allocated more resources in this offscreen.