Objectives of the untrained free agents of the Lakers 3 great men to watch after the NBA draft

Even though the NBA Draft is over, there are still several talented players that can help impact an available list to be chosen. While they are not as refined of products as most of the players taken in the draft, players with crucial roles often emerge from the UDFA market, making it a privileged place for the Lakers to seek help.

The Lakers desperately need help in the form of big men and shipowners and, for the sake of this post, let's look at some of the best big men available in the UDFA market.

Lakers Undrafted Free Agent Target: Sagaba Konate - C, WVU

After suffering an injury last season, Sagaba Konate fell out of all the NBA draft and is now out of college eligibility and is available as UDFA. Although undersized, Konate is one of the best natural shot blockers in the draft class and used his strength and explosive jumping ability to compensate for his shortcomings in the size department.

There are concerns about how his athleticism might be coming back from an injury, but he has shown that at his best he can provide a great defensive impact. Especially now as UDFA, Konate could be worth it because of the incredible performance he had in the NCAA Tournament of 2018.

Lakers Undrafted Free Agent Target: Tacko Fall - C, UCF

What Tacko Fall lacks in basketball skill, it makes up for in pure size. With the largest dimensions that have been measured in the NBA combine, autumn is one of the biggest questions in the draft. If he can develop a competent game and complete his frame a bit, only his height makes him almost uncontrollable.

However, with so many red flags about his mobility and his real basketball ability, Fall is available to be taken as a UDFA. Expect autumn to see considerable time in the G-League next year, regardless of where it ends.

Lakers Undrafted Free Agent Target: Jontay Porter - C, Missouri

Jontay Porter, the brother of Michael Porter Jr., is an interesting option as a great man. With the ability to go behind the goal and shoot down the deep ball, Porter could be a good fit for the Lakers, as it could help to space the floor for Anthony Davis and LeBron James to work on the offensive end.

Porter's biggest failures appear on the defensive side, where his mid-level athletic ability does him no favors. While Porter has solid size to defend the big men at the NBA level, he needs to learn to defend more intelligently in the low post to help compensate for his lack of athleticism.