Results of WWE Super Showdown 2019: winners, grades and highlights of Saudi Arabia

Results of WWE Super Showdown 2019: winners, grades and highlights of Saudi Arabia
WWE Super Showdown was not that great. A combination of missing talent, safely reserved matches and a shameful game left a lot to be selected from a program that was billed as a WrestleMania event.

Here is a breakdown of each game with ratings and highlights.

The Usos def The Revival

This fight was strong. Usos and Revival are among the best tag teams in the world, and although it was a game prior to the show, it deserved a great stage and more extensive programming. After being double superkicks for the two members of the revival, The Usos secured the victory over Dash Wilder. Hopefully, we'll see this again in a long way.

Grade: B +

(c) Seth Rollins de Baron Corbin - Universal Championship

This really did not feel like a pay-per-view game for one of the most prestigious championships in the promotion. The work was solid. Corbin lost the game after he and the referee had an altercation in the ring. Rollins would secure the schoolboy pin when Corbin complained.

Corbin, in turn, would take a chair and hit Rollins by leaving him in the ring. The music of Brock Lesnar hit on the speakers. The Beast went to the ring with Paul Heyman taking the Money Bag in the bank. It looked like he was going to charge, but Heyman tripped when he got into the ring.

The stumbling alert Rollins, who hit Lesnar with a low blow to win the hand. Then he would attack Lesnar with several shots in the saddle before leaving his title. The end did some introspection for the rest of the show, but the total segment was not spectacular.

Grade: C +

(c) Finn Balor (Demon) def Andrade - Intercontinental Championship

Balor-Andrade was especially disappointing due to the caliber of the ring artists. The envelope was not pushed when the only thing I will remember about this match is that Balor Demon's entrance was very good, and he drove out of DDT Hammerlock de Andrade. The Great Show This is the type of IC title that you would see in the largest pay-per-view.

Grade: C-

Shane McMahon def Roman Reigns

Through three games, this was the best of the small group. Do not get me wrong, it was not exceptional for Shane to win after he "inadvertently" eliminated referee Charles Robinson. 'Lil Naitch' was 'blinded', which allowed Drew McIntyre to hit Reigns with Claymore.

Shane would cover him for the pinfall victory. Shane left the shoulders of McIntyre as Master Blaster of Mad Max

Grade B

Lars Sullivan from The Lucha House Party by DQ

Handicap matches are almost always horrible, and this is no exception. The old and tired way in which WWE builds its giants is so old and tiring. It insults the intelligence of its audience and is one of the most important reasons why people in the WWE Universe

Lars has other problems, mainly his past racist comments, and WWE makes it even easier to dislike him. Lucha House Party got Lars to fall on Lars since they did it with a triple team and that led to a disqualification, which was quite strange. Fight House Party hit several upper ropes against Lars while Kalisto held him by the ankles. Thinking they had damaged it, they climbed up the ramp that Lars retrieved and destroyed the trio on the ramp. It was a great waste.

Grade: D-

Randy Orton def Triple H

I am pleasantly surprised by this match. The two legends have met on so many occasions that I thought it would have cost them a special entertaining encounter with nothing at stake. I was wrong. It started slowly, as they are isolated from their offensive to a specific member. Gradually, he built the first game of the night that was actually a kind of pay-per-view.

Orton shook a pedigree and it took two RKO to defeat Triple H. The crowd was alive for this game, and the main storytellers did not have an egg in the center of the card.

Grade A-

Braun Strowman by Bobby Lashley

This was another surprisingly entertaining match. In general, the thrusts for both Strowman and Lashley were very skewed, but this game was reserved, as well as two large power plants, to be possible. Strom has the opportunity to demonstrate his athleticism. He jumped over Lashley after an Irish whip, and there were several high-impact movements. Lashley showed a great offense, but Strowman took the pinfall.

It was the right reservation, but Lashley should not be done in the middle of the card.