Run, there's a shooter three killed in a shootout at the Ford dealership in Morgan Hill #1 #4 #6 #8 #999 #777 #888

A witness says that the suspect returned after being fired and opened fire on two managers

MORGAN HILL - Three people died after an apparent shooting at the workplace at a Ford dealership in Morgan Hill on Tuesday night.

The three people who died worked at The Ford Store Morgan Hill at 17045 Condit Road.

"Someone from the dealership was fired today, he came back and apparently just shot the two managers who would have obviously fired him," said Jordan Valdez, a 20-year resident of Morgan Hill, a service porter at the dealership, in an interview the scene.

Valdez was standing right outside the service department when the shooting occurred.

"One of the service advisors had opened the door to go back inside the store," said Valdez, still dressed in his blue work uniform. "He turned around, looked at us and said: 'run, there's a shooter.'"

Valdez said he ran out of the dealership and sought refuge in a nearby mushroom farm.

Police in Morgan Hill received multiple 911 calls about a shootout at the dealership around 6:03 p.m., the sergeant said. Bill Norman Multiple units arrived on the scene minutes later.

Officers were directed to the northern end of the dealership, where they found a man killed by an apparent bullet wound. Norman said the man had a gun in his hand.

While they were clearing the scene, the officers learned of two additional men inside the dealership with gunshot wounds. Described as victims, both men were declared dead at the scene.

Valdez expressed surprise at the shooting. The suspect, he said, did not start fights and "just thought about his own business."

"We were all friendly inside the dealership," Valdez said. "Nobody really hated each other, so I'm really surprised that this happened." I did not see anything like this coming. "

Cameryn Gillis, 21, of Morgan Hill, was at home when her mother called to tell her that she had seen the squad cars heading towards the dealership, where her father works as a manager. Approximately an hour later, the family learned through Nextdoor, a social network, that a shooting had occurred. They could not communicate with their father, but his mother finally spoke with the owner of the dealer, who confirmed that he was safe.

Gillis ran to the scene, desperate to find her father and see that he was fine.

"I think my father saw that everything happened," he said.

Like Valdez, Gillis said he understood that a former employee had returned and "injured two others."

"This should never have happened," Gillis said. "There must be laws and methods to prevent people who do not have a healthy mind from obtaining weapons that can hurt others."

#1 #4 #6 #8 #999 #777 #888