Salesforce will acquire the Tableau data analytics platform in a $ 15.7 billion share agreement.

Salesforce will acquire the Tableau data analytics platform in a $ 15.7 billion share agreement.
The panorama of data analysis has just taken a very interesting turn, with the news that Salesforce is buying Tableau in an agreement of all the shares for an approximate value of $ 15.7 billion.

The agreement, which is expected to close in October this year, brings together two giants of the business world: Salesforce, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and Tableau, which helps companies understand their vast Data set by integrating with countless sources, including CRM tools such as Salesforce. According to the Tableau FAQ, you will continue to support products other than Salesforce CRM after the acquisition.

"We are bringing together the world's number one CRM with the number one analytics platform," said Salesforce president and co-CEO Marc Benioff in a press release. "Tableau helps people see and understand data, and Salesforce helps people to engage and understand customers, it's really the best of both worlds for our customers: unite two critical platforms that each customer needs to understand their world.".

Going in private

Founded in 2003, Tableau went public in 2013 and has performed well in the stock market in recent years. The price of its stock reached a historic high of $ 136 at the beginning of this year, although it has remained close to $ 120 in the last month, which is still significantly higher than the price of its IPO. Salesforce used Tableau's average 3-day price until June 7 to reach its valuation, with a purchase price representing a premium of around 50 percent of its current market capitalization.

This move makes Salesforce continue to expand beyond its core CRM offering and delve into the lucrative data visualization sphere. He said he plans to bring Tableau together with its Einstein automation platform infused with IA to offer "the most intelligent and intuitive analysis and visualization platform" for every department within any company. Tableau will also be used to improve the Salesforce 360 ​​Client to service the launch launched last year to unify customer experiences across multiple channels.

"Joining forces with Salesforce will improve our ability to help people around the world see and understand the data," said Tableau President and CEO Adam Selipsky. "As part of the world's number one CRM company, Tableau's intuitive and powerful analytics will enable millions of people to discover useful information across their organizations."

The timing of the announcement of Salesforce is extraordinary since it occurs days after Google revealed that it was buying its rival Tableau Looker for $ 2,600 million. Other players in the field include Sisense, which raised $ 80 million last year, while Qlik followed the Tableau route to the private sphere to Thoma Bravo for $ 3 billion in 2016. That same year, Salesforce was preparing to buy Tableau, although nothing came to fruition.