Sarah Sanders leaves office in the White House after a term

At the end of the month, Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary in Washington, will leave the office with an abusive mandate as the president's main spokesman in which he redefined the role.

President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that Sanders would return to his home state Arkansas and hold a proposal for the governor's office for the White House's press secretary. Speaking at a program on Thursday afternoon, Trump praised him as a "warrior".
The descriptor has praised the hatred of Sanders' tenure and his hatred between Trump's controversies. Their departure leaves Trump without their main public defenders, their senior advisers, and their closest colleagues.
The announcement of his departure, which coincided with the 94th day, when he had appeared on stage for the last time, he also underlined the scope of that change, in which case he offered a degree of accountability.
Speaking on an event immediately after the announcement, Sanders called his role "respect for life" and experience that "will be a treasure forever."
Sanders said that I did not get the opportunity to serve my country and especially to work for this President. "I have loved every minute, even hard minutes."

Sanders chose his departure date "well in advance" to announce on Thursday, a White House official, Jim Eckosta told us.
According to members of two families who participated in the conversation, in a private conversation in recent weeks, Sanders has participated in the Arkansas governor. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson was re-elected last year, so long as he does not leave (or are nominated) early, the office of the Little Rock Governor will not be open until January 2023.
He has told his colleagues and friends that he believes that when he comes out of the house, running for office will be a good step for him rather than accepting a job on television.
Sanders's tenure also marked a dramatic decline in the traditional public role of the White House press secretary.
His resignation came on the 94th day without a briefing in the White House for a long time without a briefing, because briefing had become a daily television program two decades ago. According to the CNN calculation, only eight informative meetings took place in the last 300 days.
But as Sanders moved away from the stage of the White House meeting room, he remained a trusted public face of the administration on the television network, the President defended the disputes through which he often examined Robert's administration and special investigation Were in. Muller
In that role, Sanders supported Trump on almost all fronts, ranging from trump attacks to press and cash payments to women, who had issues with them, to separate the family from zero tolerance on the government's border. And their controversial comments on white supremacists. Rally in Charlottesville. Trump has denied the issues.
The public role of Sanders and close ties with Trump also led him to closed doors, where he sat down for an interview with Muller's researchers.

In that interview, Sanders acknowledged that, according to Muller's report, journalists were given unsupported information about the dismissal of FBI director James Comey, and admitted that he had no basis to claim that "innumerable FBI member "have lost faith in Komi.
The report says, "He also remembered his statement in a separate press interview that he was making a comment because of the lack of confidence in the FBI's high-rank officer and comic" whatever in the heat of this time " Was not based " Of Muller
Trump and Sanders developed a close relationship after one of their closest confidants, then White House Communications Director Hope Hicks left West Wing in February. The president, who recommended that Sanders interrupt daily press briefings, regularly praises him personally, brag to others for how he defended him for appearances in television and fought with the press.
Her colleagues often compared her relationship to Trump's relationship with Hicks and said that Sanders was not considered a family member like Hicks, that was the next thing.