Shania Twain opens before a 'party environment' for her new residence in Las Vegas (Exclusive)

Shania Twain opens before a 'party environment' for her new residence in Las Vegas (Exclusive)

Shania Twain is returning to Las Vegas for a new residency event, and country's superstar singer Sin City is bringing a completely new environment for her latest show.

The singer settles with ET and talks about her next residency program, Let's Go, Residency Show, which is going to last for two years, and Las Vegas is something like before doing something else.

"Two years! [What does this mean] I can sit with a big production and make a party," Twain shared. "That's why I'm going to show the show after a party, it's party time!"

Earlier Twain had performed a show called Shania: Still, The One in Las Vegas, which ended in 2014, and the singer explained that her old program and her next residence are "different from the world".

"My Still the One was a more romantic, more dramatic show and the show is going to be in a very sexy fashion [and] party environment," Twain explained.

Twain also said that as a producer of the project, he has "a lot of emotional independence," as well as "time and energy to spend some time with a producer."

He said, "It is a great company and there is a lot of responsibility, but I am having fun with it." "I've put a lot of hats."

To demonstrate its mechanism and technical aspects, from its wardrobe and from its fashion choices to its stage design, Twain says that she is building internal work and it is included in it.

Twain shared, "I'm practical and I like being behind the scenes." "In fact, I'm usually very sad when the creative side is over and it's time to show up every night."

One thing that inspires Twain and encourages fans to play, and people who see how their viewers develop and grow during their career.

Tell your little children about standing with their parents, screaming and using the way of dancing in the audience, and now those little children have become adults with their own lives, but their support is still strong is.

Twain shared, "Now they are parents, you know that the parents who took them on their shoulders in the '90s, and they took them to my concerts." "It is very wonderful and it is good luck to be a bridge of generation, in fact, with my music, it does the music."

Shania Twain's Let's Go Residency will begin on December 6 at the Planet Hollywood Zappos Theater in Las Vegas.