Summary of the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead: a forced landing leads to new threats

Summary of the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead: a forced landing leads to new threats
"Do not be afraid."

It is a voice that we have not heard before, the voice of a child, who speaks through a dark frame. Slowly, the image mixes with a blurry shot of a gun cannon. When the camera focuses, we see who holds the weapon: a second child, one younger than the first. The face behind his square-framed glasses, which are joined by a wire, is covered in dirt.

"I'm not afraid," he whispers. "Is it going to be noisy?"

Who are these guys? Is one about to mercy kill the other? Where are they? This opening scene is a disorienting puzzle box that reveals itself with every progressive track, a suitable starting motor for the return of Fear the Walking Dead, which saw Morgan and his team of newly appointed charity truckers come out to help people, using Al's tape collection to find them As we are dropped into unfamiliar territory to redirect ourselves to these new environments, Morgan's team literally drops down.

When Max tries to train Dylan (his younger brother) to shoot the deer, that tells the hikers their location, the plane that crashes into the trees. Alicia is the first to come out of the rubble and, despite the seriousness of the situation, there is something funny about seeing her use one of the giant propeller blades to pass through the walkers that invade the brothers, and another visual puzzle begins.

One moment at a time, we learn what is happening. Alicia, Morgan, John, June, Al, and Luciana were all on the plane, a vehicle that they were kidnapped to find a man they know as Logan. Since the end of the fourth season, the gang has been reviewing Al's platform to find people who can help. With the exception of Logan, all those who tried to contact did not want to be found, hence their efforts to track down Logan.

Alicia is visibly going through some s-, to be frank. She attacks the walkers without thinking, leaving her hands frozen with blood. Later, he will disagree with Morgan about his rescue attempts, presenting a similar dichotomy between Morgan and Rick.

However, it is clear that our veterans of the series know how to handle themselves in a difficult situation. Alicia digs a wire barrier into the ground and, as more and more walkers head towards them, they stumble and give the team the opportunity to get the best out of them. Apparently, John has given shooting lessons in June, so I threw him his trusty pistols, those that have white greed, so much that he covets her when he is in a difficult situation. Luciana, meanwhile, has been impaled during the accident. The breath of Morgan, Max, and Dylan help keep Luciana calm while the rest defends herself from the dead and finally frees Luciana from the plane.

It is only later, when Max and Dylan's sister, Annie, surrenders to Hail Mary driving her car directly through the walkers and away from the certainty that something is wrong. "Growlers" - Annie's word for walkers - "are the least of our problems, you have no idea where you landed, right?"

Annie says that she and her family were passing through the area (her parents clearly did not make it) when they "got stuck". There are erratic signs that say you stay away from certain paths that you can not understand. In fact, all roads seem to be blocked by something, whether these signs or landslides or the dead. One of those uncomfortable signs is a barricade composed of three walkers joined while the heads of the walkers chat among the trees. But Morgan's team is determined to find Logan, who they say has been blocked on all sides by walkers.

When they arrive at the site, thanks to Annie, they find an abandoned truck stop, without walkers or Logan in sight. At least, they are able to dislodge the metal stick stuck in Luciana's shoulder, but Annie and her brother's bail, feeling that something is wrong with this situation. They were right. Logan (played by Matt Frewer of The Magicians and The Order) then intervenes on the walkie of the station from the group's own headquarters to report that it was all his trick so that his group could recover its base of operations. Logan, supposedly, legally owns the mill (Clayton was the "C" marked on the boxes and Logan is the "L") and does not agree with the Clayton mentality of helping people, which reminded me of the Woman Dirty, all The weakest villain of the time of the whole series. I just picked a farther place he could find and his group could move.