The MiniCamp of Beers starts the competition with a bad start

The MiniCamp of Beers starts the competition with a bad start
The start of the minicamp phase of Chicago Bears' Cooking Championship was poor, and one of the participants is already out.

The team announced on Wednesday that they left Chris Blewitt, one of the three minicamp kickers competing for the job.

During Tuesday's session, three kickers, Blvitt, Eddie Pineiro, Elliott Fry, kicks off more than 40 yards, missed back to back.

After exercising through the Chicago Tribune, Nagi said, "Whatever went through his mind, he went to my mind."

The most common idea was that the brains of Bears fans probably imagined Robbie Gold and had thought of his dreams three years ago before dismissing the team silently.

After the 2017 season of the Bodies ended with a double dinner by Kodi Parke, which was then cut, the position of the kid kicking has been at the forefront of the team's offense. After reducing the competition of eight men (before!) To less than three, Negi is not happy that each of his competitors lost his shoes in the first session.

"I mean, it's as real as it sounds," said Nagy. "They were 0-3 from there." For today, we can not do this "We're going to solve it." But for 0 to 3 today, this is not good. "

Blavitt pulled his left hiccup to his left in this competition.

The coach is frustrated by such a situation that refuses to solve by one of the participants who hold full control in the work. As long as there is no change in the next two days, this fight bus contest between the last two will run in the training camp at the end of July.

"They went back and the three failed," Nagi said, exaggerated. "So their (media) is being evaluated not only by me but by their peers.

"Once again, do you do it or miss it?" We missed today three For those of you as evaluators if everyone is going for 3 today, will not we talk about this? But at the same time, what is real is that they did not, and this is the reason that we are talking about the kicker in this situation because we fail. "

With each exercise, losing pressure and annoyance of the trainer's mount.

After Tuesday's defeats, Blvitt cuts, Pineiro and fry leave to fight for the job until the bear does not take another step.