Trump says that a trade agreement between the United States and China is possible

Trump says that a trade agreement between the United States and China is possible, but that "where we are happy now"


President Donald Trump expressed optimism for a trade agreement with China on Wednesday but said he is happy with the way things are going on and are still considering charging all Chinese imports.

The president said in an interview with Fox Business, "We are very happy, where we are now, we are absorbing a fate, and clearly [it] is not very good for China, but it is for us it's a good thing".

His comment came in the morning when CNBC quoted Treasury Secretary Steven Menuhin as saying that the road to an agreement with China was close. Stock Market Futures indicated the most positive trade negotiations between Wall Street positive, though they were far from their morning height after Trump's comments.

While Trump stressed the importance of an agreement, he also said that the rates were good for the economy of the United States.

"I see prices differently from many other people," he said, since the US. The UU has imposed a 25% tariff on Chinese products of $ 250 billion, "Our market has exploded"

"They want a deal more than me," he said.

If both sides reach another deadlock, Trump said that it is ready to impose the tariff on the balance of approximately $ 350 billion flowing for the US. from China. However, he said that he is open to a different strategy in the next phase, in which instead of 25% the tariff of 10% can be seen "what people can handle at all"

Tariff strategy is part of a general effort to streamline the game sector for the United States and its global business partners.

Trump said, "In this world, almost every country benefits a lot from the United States. It is amazing."