Well, that's a lot of E3 leaks

The only pipes that have not been filtered are the pipes in the convention center.

Well, that's a lot of E3 leaks

It is expected that some of the ads that come in E3 will be leaked, but E3 2019 is looking to set a new record. Much of what is happening in the different printers of E3 in the coming days have been spoiled, but Friday night saw a lot of ads that will be revealed in advance.

This particular lot refers to the Bandai Namco E3 line published. The most important of the group is, without a doubt, the new From Software game, supposedly called Elden Ring. A new From game would be great news under any circumstances, but this is a collaboration with George RR Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the base of Game of Thrones. The name of Elden Ring and the art that accompanies it are new, but even this filtering refers to something that had previously appeared online; Previous reports already indicated that Martin and From were working together on a new game.

The other Bandai leaks are related to the remaster Ni no Kuni and a new RPG in his Tales of Tales series, called Tales of Arise. It is not clear how this happened: the three leaks occurred in such rapid succession that it seems that the editor had some kind of security problem. Regardless of the details, Katsuhiro Harada from Bandai Namco summed things up very well:

All this follows the escape of a very credible video from Bleeding Edge, the new DMC game: Devil May Cry and the developer of Hellblade Ninja Theory. And the Watch Dogs Legion retailer list, which led Ubisoft to confirm the game before its press conference. And the miners who date from Destiny 2 are discovering the support of crossed save and a new expansion of Shadowkeep that takes the players to the moon. And Baldur's Gate III, whose existence was buried in the marking code on the teaser website of Larian Studio. And the release date of Death Stranding published on the Facebook account of PlayStation Taiwan. And Call of Duty 2019 is a new modern war.

And so.

This does not mean anything about other leaks from which we are still waiting for a clearer confirmation, such as the next generation Xbox console, Fable 4, Ubisoft Play and the debris game of Ubisoft. More than a day until most presses start working, there is still time for it to filter even more.

At this rate, do not be surprised if there is nothing left to be surprised about.