Women of the United States will start defending world title against Thailand

Women of the United States will start defending world title against Thailand
Top ranking women national football team won the World Cup three times and Olympic gold four times. But his first outing in a major tournament during the 2016 Olympic quarterfinals against Sweden has helped the team to inspire the team with enough depth and experience to deploy two quality teams.

And yet, curious Americans were forced to wait for the first few days of this tournament. The United States will face Thailand in Reims, France on Tuesday; They are the last teams to play in the group match.

Striker Alex Morgan said on Monday, "We have been excluded."

After debuting in Canada four years ago, Thailand has returned to the world stage; It is ranked 34th in the world. It is expected that the United States will handle this game easily and on Sunday against number 39 Chile before Group F final against Sweden next week.

If Americans have a vulnerability, then it is on their backs. In participating in the tournament, Americans accepted a dangerous amount of opportunities: They attach to the opponents to engage players and expose themselves on an American counter. UU goalkeeper, Alyssa Naeher, has never played in the World Cup or Olympic Games.

But any weakness is controlled by the power of a program, which has increased more trophies than anybody in the history of women's football. Americans are not big favorites, because they have been in the past before the rest of the world started embracing women's play. But, however, they are still favorites.

Next: The United States plays against Chile in Paris on Sunday. On Sunday, in Thailand, face Sweden from Sweden. Sweden and Chile will meet on Tuesday in the afternoon of Rennes on Tuesday.

"'99ers', known in the 20-year World Cup team, became the country's first female superstar: he gained fame, popularity and rock star statuses, which was first given to the champions in individual sports, such as figure Skeeter Dorothy Hamill, Jackie Zonner-Kersee, Hephthalites and Gymnast Mary Lou Retton. Apart from aspects of technique and training, which are given to specific elite athletes, His formula for power can be distilled into a simple equation: more than one in three. Greater than the sum of their parts.

Rather than wait until after the global quadrilateral, the World Cup champion chose the period before the tournament to take a megaphone and shout through a legal complaint of 25 pages, that they were mistreated because of their gender is. Despite working similarly to the American men's national team. According to the lawsuit, they receive low salaries, working conditions, and investments in their game from US Soccer. And this is not appropriate for them, it is not appropriate for women who were before them. It is not appropriate for the United States national team and for those girls who will follow them.

Despite the absence of a big fanfare in Paris, the woman seems ready for a moment to break the World Cup. Globally, the game has gained more acceptance, as seen in attendance figures and general interest. Last month, in France nearly 5 million people (7.5 percent of the population) saw the announcement of the list. And yet, this tournament comes in the moment of rebellion. Past American champions are suing their employers, the United States Football Federation has accused gender discrimination. A consortium of Australian players, among others, is asking for an increase in the prize money, which is married to men's teams paid. World's best player, Norwegian actor Hagerburgh, is boycotting the tournament for the wrong behavior of the women's program by the country's football leaders.

Undoubtedly, the best football players from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Ghana, the United States, and other countries will inspire, if so, it means "glow". And they will do it wholeheartedly. But inspirational girls are not all women in the 2019 World Cup. They are the first athlete A slogan that lowers the 2019 Women's World Cup as a Hallmark greeting card, sends an exhausted message covering the ears.