Xi Jinping's iron image has expired from Hong Kong in the image.

Beijing - China's leader Shi Jinping on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin was celebrating his 66th birthday, when the political crisis in Hong Kong took a dramatic turn with unprecedented protests, with unexpected returns.

The visit of Mr. Shi gave him some distance from the events of Hong Kong, where on Saturday the leadership suspended his push for the law to allow mainland China to extradite. But this measure was supported by Beijing, and there was no doubt that the reversal was a blow to him.

This measure is the biggest concession of public pressure during the nearly seven years of Mr. Shi as the supreme leader of China, it shows that the limit of their power is still, especially in the incidents outside the continent, here Till they have ruled with every more authoritarian time-control.

In a statement by The New Red Guard of China, a new book consultant, and writer, Jude Blanchett said, "This is a defeat for Beijing, even if Beijing considers it a strategic comeback."

On Sunday, thousands of people marched again in Hong Kong despite the government's concession on the previous day and stressed that when excessive use of force is checked by the government, the law should be withdrawn if new demands are met. The police's big vote in the clash with the protesters was a surprise, and this means that the crisis for Mr. Shi is not over. The way it has strengthened power in China, it can be difficult to avoid crime.

The risk for Mr. Shi is not limited to Hong Kong. Although they do not have any rivals, they may have to face criticism in the leadership. And the sensors of the mainland government, at least, are clearly concerned that extraordinary incidents can inspire the critically-themed critics of Mr. Shi in mainland China and are working energetically to stop the spread of news.

[Protesters in Hong Kong once again came to the streets on Sunday.]

Blanchett said, "It removes the image of Shei as a powerful, omnipresent and visionary leader."

The demonstrations also made it clear that, after 22 years, Beijing had at least a breakthrough in integrating Hong Kong into political, economic and security systems of at least the Communist Party-dominated country. But if Mr. Zee and his cadre want Hong Kong to move forward with more force to unite with the continent, then they should also see how new waves of protest can be invited.

"It is an important moment to see if there are strong thinkers like Shi Mao or past Chinese leaders like Deng, Jiang and Hu are practical," said Susan L. Shirk, president of China's 21st Century Program. Referring to the ancestors of Mr. Shi from California, San Diego.

In the form of evidence of a practical theater, he recently cited the adjustments made by Mr. Shi that, at least, aesthetically, after criticizing his international infrastructure initiative "One Belt, One Road", he With Beijing, the debtors were wrapping the countries.

"The practical leaders adjust their policies when they become very expensive," he said.

Yet, the dispute of the law has tightened the views of Shri Shi of the whole world about China, especially in relation to the lack of judicial independence or the basic rights of the accused involved in the judicial system. sugar.

The idea of ​​ law allowed the transfer of criminal suspects to the Communist Party-controlled system, which created fear among seven million residents of Hong Kong, including business executives, consultants and investors, who called the city a global financial center Made it. , Commerce and Transportation

"Proposed law, opposition and response from the Hong Kong government have increased international awareness about the oppressive policies of Xi Yuga," said Anne-Marie Brady, a professor at Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand, and not others. After completing his position in 1997, he fulfilled his promise to honor Hong Kong's autonomy during 50 years.

During the four-day visit of Mr. Shi for pre-determined summit meetings in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, events occurring in Hong Kong were presented as a return to China's state media, but not as a well-thought-out measure, Receives full support from

In a choreographed exchange in a carefully choreographed exchange at a hotel in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, Putin told Putin to stop the law, "Sometimes we have to be on guard for our birthday.".