11 people injured in a block party, one killed


Police sources said a "shameless" lone gunman was set on fire on Saturday night in a large party in Brooklyn block of Brooklyn, causing a 38-year-old man to die and 11 others injured.

The shots were torn already before 11 o'clock. Sources said that the annual two-day "Old Timer Day" party was ending and thousands of people were present.

Sources said that the violence began with a single shooter, which was released early in the morning and despite the fact that around 100 police officers who guarded the incident had started attacking the crowd.

"In an incident, 12 people have never heard about the bullets," an experienced investigator told The Post about bloodshed at Mendoza Park on Christopher and Hageman Avenue.

"This is one of the worst shots I've seen."

The injured were taken to nearby Brooklyn Hospital and to the Kings County Hospital.

At midnight, the spies had got an abandoned firearm and were combing on the ground in search of more evidence of hundreds of scattered beer bottles, cans, cups, and other debris.

The party is 56 years old and presents music programs, food, and exhibitions.

To attend, participate in the journey from all over the country.

"I heard shots and I duck," said a 66-year-old man who was in the party.

"When I put my head inside and the smoke spread, it was a pure pandemic," the person said, who did not want to recognize.

Gary Miller, 60, a salesman from the party said, "It was anarchy." People were falling apart. "

"We were enjoying the night and suddenly shot out," he remembered.

"The shots started and the crowd was already scattered and 9 to 11 shots were heard, and everyone escaped and scattered to cover themselves."

The Mayor of Blasio tweeted at 1 pm, "We made a terrible shot in Brownsville, which was a peaceful neighborhood event."

The shooting took place on the same premises, where the police had attacked the first attack of four attacks on the police last Saturday.