16 marines have been arrested in the case of human trafficking at Camp Pendleton

16 marines have been arrested in the case of human trafficking at Camp Pendleton

Officials said that over a dozen Marines were allegedly involved in smuggling of people in Camp Pendleton on Thursday. Others were arrested for questioning for drug offenses.

Officials said in a statement that officers of Navy's Criminal Investigators and Marine Corps Division of Marine Corps framed 16 people early Thursday. Marine was arrested in the unit's gun yard, a division spokesman told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

First Lieutenant Cameron Edinburgh spokesman of the 1-Marine Division told the Union-Tribune, "It was a public demonstration for the entire unit."

According to the statement, arrests in the North San Diego County were linked to "pre-screening of human trafficking".

The marine name that was arrested was not named, but the personal belongings were of the first-class rank. All were linked to 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, according to Edinburgh of Sacramento B.

According to the report of Union-Tribune, two Marine Camp Pendleton was arrested on July 3 near Jacakuba Hot Springs near Jakkamba Hot Springs.

Marine was arrested on 3 July and according to the newspaper, Byron Durnell Law II and David Xavier Salazar-Quinto were also handed over to 1 battalion, 5th Marine by Union-Tribune.

Officials said in the statement that eight other Marines were questioned for their alleged involvement in drug offenses.

Marine officials offered some additional details but said that none of the 24 marines have been assigned to support the south-west frontier.