An Italian officer allegedly killed by American teenagers was killed with a knife brought from the United States. Police say


According to the police in Rome, an Italian police officer from Italy, Soma Vasuviana, was an Italian police officer, who allegedly killed two teenage American tourists.

General Francesco Gargro of the Carabinieri Provincial Command said that the weapon was brought to the country by the 19-year-old suspect, Finengen Lee Elder.
Gargo said that the officer of the fall, Mario Sercello Rega suffered some injuries, "was very large, 17 centimeters (7 inches) deep, the length of the blade."
Soon after returning to work from his honeymoon, Rega died in Rome on Friday. Officials say the 35-year-old man was trying to retract a bag stolen allegedly by an elderly and 18-year-old Gabriel Natal Hezorath. Police said that Elder confessed in the initial hours of interrogation that he killed him.

Meanwhile, Reza's funeral took place on Monday in Naples, in his home town Soma Vasuviana. His coffin was covered with an Italian flag because he was taken to the same church where he married two months ago.
Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who demanded life imprisonment for the accused teenagers, took part in the service.
The death of the officer has taken Italy to its possession; history becomes the headlines of many newspapers and hundreds of people gather outside the church to pay their respects.
Deal failed
According to the police, this incident happened after two American citizens contacted a person to buy drugs. After selling crushed aspirin instead of cocaine, officials claim that the Americans stole a man's bag.
After this, the teenagers responded to the owner's cell phone, which they also took, and told him that "they will not return the bag without 100 euros ($ 111) and 1 gram of cocaine," the police said.
The police said that the owner of the stolen bag contacted the police and two unarmed civilian agents met with American suspects on the pretext of recovering them.

Both Americans are accused of attacking police officers, who allegedly identified themselves as Law Enforcement Officers during a Friday morning meeting. Before the scene of the scene, 11 bars have been charged on the reggae.
Near the stabbing scene, both Americans were arrested Friday night inside their hotel room. Police said that they are accused of attempt to murder and murder.
In the hotel room, the police said that they found the gun hidden in the roof panel, as well as the clothing worn during the crime.
According to the court documents seen by CNN, the elderly admitted with a knife that the police say that it is the weapon of murder.
"Reverse" statement
According to those documents, both suspects have been against each other. According to the documents, the teenagers accuse each other of "reciprocity" and their stories are "exactly the opposite with each other".
They also add that Hazorath's testimony is close to the police version of facts. Elder is accused of stabbing, though both have been detained in connection with the murder suspect.
During the weekend, the police alleged that both Americans confessed to taking part in the attack and said that Elder confessed on Friday in the initial hours of the murder inquiry.
The public lawyer appointed by Elder by Alderson coding said that during a court appearance on Saturday, his client kept "the right to remain silent" in front of a judge.

The elderly's family said in a statement that they were not able to communicate with their son and appealed to the public to respect their privacy. "We are working with the United States Department, but they have not been given access to Finn."
The family plans to go to Rome as soon as the State Department says they can see Finegan.
The statement said, "We also know the official Raga's funeral plans and we want to be respectful towards their family and friends."
Elder's father, Eith Elder, briefly spoke with CNN outside his home in San Francisco on Sunday and called his son's case "uncertain state" Ethan Elder says that he wants people to know that his son is "a good person".
Italian police can legally maintain suspicions throughout the year without official allegations.
Suspicious visually impaired
The arresters have also expressed doubts about a leaking photo that appears to be one of the American suspects being shown. This photo was leaked in the reputable Italian newspaper, Corriere Della Serra.
Hjorth's suspect lawyer Emiliano Sicini confirmed to CNN that his client was suspicious in the picture. He does not know how long he was blindfolded with Hejorath but he said that this incident happened before his interrogation.
The Italian police confirmed the authenticity of the photo and told CNN that a double check was initiated on why the suspects had been stripped on the eyes and who had leaked this

"The general order of Carabinieri policy is very far from the photo and the distribution of photos of the people who were arrested for the murder of the officer Mario Cerciello Rega. The provincial command of Carabinieri in Rome is quickly investigating who it is." Said in a statement on Sunday.
SalviniCommenting on the photo on Sunday, he said in a statement, "For those who complain of bandits hanging on the eyes of the arrested people, remember that the only victim is the son, son, husband who is crying 35 Years old, an official of the Carabinier, a servant of the country who died in service at the hands of the people, who is entitled to life imprisonment only on conviction. "
One day before, Salvini had demanded life imprisonment for the accused teenagers, even though they were not tried.
"In the hope that the murderers of our poor police will never get out of jail, I remind them that those who do good in the United States who take the risk of the death penalty, I do not say that we should go to that time But life. In prison (obviously working), this, yes! '' Salvini wrote in a message on Twitter on Saturday.