An unidentified object flying over DMZ unleashing the media frenzy turns out to be a flock of birds.


An "unidentified object" was discovered near the border of South Korea with North Korea, which caused half the frenzy and caused the South to launch warplanes on Monday.

The South Korean military announced early in the morning that its radar had found "the traces of the flight of an unidentified object" over the central part of the demilitarized zone, the de facto border between the two Koreas. The announcement came a day after President Trump's historic trip to the demilitarized zone and to North Korea with leader Kim Jong Un.

Officials initially speculated about the North Korean helicopter flying across the border in South Korea. However, pilots of several fighter aircraft deployed in the area later reported that the "unidentified object" was actually a group of "objects": about 20 birds, a South Korean military official told the Associated Press.

South Korea warned the North about the warplanes to avoid unnecessary tensions, the official said.

The DMZ, which was created after the fighting ended in the 1950-53 Korean War, is dotted with an estimated two million mines and is protected by combat troops, barbed wire, anti-tank traps and both sides of the guard posts. While the two Koreas exchanged fire exchanges there from time to time, the animosities have decreased from the North.

Trump's meeting with Kim on Sunday, his third face-to-face meeting since the US leader took office, located in the village of Panmunjom, located in the demilitarized zone. In a surprise move, Trump crossed the line in North Korea, taking about 10 steps with one step forward.

It was the first time that the president of EE. The performance of the UU has set foot in North Korea. After the meeting, Trump said Kim agreed to resume talks at a standstill in the nuclear denial between Washington and Pyongyang.

State media in North Korea described Kim's meeting with Trump as "an incredible event" and reported that both leaders expressed great satisfaction with the outcome of their talks.

The latest Trump-Kim meeting may have generated momentum for more diplomacy, including job-level talks aimed at a mutually acceptable agreement. But experts say it is unclear whether the negotiations will address the fundamental differences between Washington and Pyongyang that were exposed at a previous summit in Hanoi in February.