Another big earthquake can affect California in the next few days

In the Redgrest town of California, in 20 years, the fastest earthquake in this area came on Thursday. While this area is recovering from injuries, fire and damaged houses due to the 6.4 magnitude earthquake, officials fear that there may be a second, strong earthquake in the days to come.

Caltech seismologist Lucy Jones says that the area should expect to continue replicas for some time. "There is a chance in 20 that there will be more earthquakes in this place in the next few days," Jones said.

Mayor of Ridgecrest Peggy Breeden said that he is concerned about more potential damage. Breiden has declared an emergency situation for the city, and has said that "it allows us to take services from both institutions, state and federal, which can help us in cleaning."

Breeden said that the city is sending teams to assess the loss. Officials are looking for problems with potential problems on the roads and problems with city pipelines, while all replicas continue to move the area.

Although the center of the earthquake was in Ridgegart, where the objects were loaded with shelves from local businesses, the earthquake felt away as Las Vegas.

"Everything that was on the shelves broke," said the shop employee Katelyn Alexander. "He came, I heard that all were 'crosses', and he fell."

Security cameras in the house caught so much that there were cracks on the roads and at least one house had a fire. "We have many injuries," said Karn County Fire Chief David Witt. "We have two home fire, we have small firewood, electric wire, gas leaks."

The local hospital was partially damaged, so as a precaution, 15 patients were taken out. Some had to send to other hospitals.

CBS News's Los Angeles Station, KCBS, experienced tremors more than 100 miles away.

It was one of the largest earthquakes in Southern California since the Northridge earthquake in 1994. That earthquake had an intensity of 6.7; He left 72 dead and caused a loss of up to $ 20 billion.