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Friday, July 26, 2019

At least four dead in Los Angeles shooting

At least four dead in Los Angeles shooting

Officials said that before gunmen caught in Los Angeles, at least four people were shot dead in Los Angeles on Thursday and two others were injured.

Police said that the 26-year-old Gary Dean Zaragoza killed his father and brother at home, killing a woman with his life.
There is no clear reason for any murder, Robson of the Los Angeles Police Department and Captain William Hess of Homoeuides Division said.
"We are evaluating it, we are interviewing witnesses, but we can not give a specific answer," he told reporters.
Hess said that the shooting started at around 1:20 in Canoga Park when Zaragoza shot his parents and his brother. Officer Greg Kraft said that Zaragoza's father and brother died and his mother was injured.
About an hour later, Zaragoza went to a gas station in northern Hollywood, where he shot a woman and a man who was working there, Hyatt said.
Hess said that Zaragoza knew the woman beforehand. He died in a hospital. Hess said that the man was saved; The police had earlier said that the victim was in serious condition.
The police also believe that Zaragoza is responsible for the fatal shooting at the ATM at a bank and attempting robbery at a stop at Van Nuys.
One witness told CNN affiliate KBC about the victim, "He did nothing, he was sitting in the bus."
Another witness of the bus told to KCAL / KCBS affiliated to CNN that a close encounter with the gunman happened when the people fled from the spot in panic.
"Boy ... started coming to me and, basically, once he started contacting me, he really liked that he still has a gun," said Carlos Hurtado de Jesus. "I just started circling and saw him go and took out the gun.
He was arrested around two o'clock in the afternoon. For researchers in street clothes with a slight fight, Hess said.
Zaragoza had a gun, the captain said.
Mayor Eric Garcetti wrote, "We are very sad for the loss of life and have deployed our crisis response team ... to support families affected by tragedies."