Biden's team responded: "You can not let people talk and react to rubbish"

Joe Biden is ready to leave.

The former Vice-President is answering his rivals and promises to be more aggressive in the second president's debate after continuous attacks on his civil rights records for which his supporters were disappointed and worried about their passive approach.

According to allies and campaign strategists, the turning point reached the NAACP Presidential Candidate's Forum on Wednesday, where Senator Corey Bucker (DN.J.), Biden, to be the "architect of mass harassment" to support the 1994 crime bill Charged.

A colleague of Biden said, "You can not be called the architect of oppression at large and can remain silent." "It's cruel and personal. Which is against their entire career. You can not allow people to say nonsense and can not answer them. "

"Gloves are not there," said the associate. "At this point, you have to retreat when someone attacks your record. People want to see his punches. The President is surely going to strike him, why not start now?

The fighter who is a relief for Biden supporters and next week creates a platform for potentially brutal confrontation in Detroit, where Biden, Booker and Senator Kamala Harris (California) share the same phase of the debate.

Harris made the first debate after the first debate when he attacked Biden for opposing the decades-old federal bus program aimed at integrating schools and his comments on separatist senators looking for common land Told to be "harmless to blacks".

At that time, Biden avoided a direct challenge to Harris.

"I will not be so humble this time," Biden told donors in a fundraiser at Detroit on Wednesday.

Biden's campaign boils down with anger against Booker. On Wednesday, Biden's campaign called the booker for the first time and questioned his own civil rights record.

Biden's deputy director Kate Billingfield said that Booker has "some tough questions to answer about his role in the criminal justice system," a decade ago, indicating his promise as a mayor of New York "slight Tolerance policy for impurities implemented "zero".

Billingfield also accused Buchar of "running a police department for civil rights intervention by the United States Department of Justice".

Meanwhile, Biden said that he can try Harris's record as California's attorney general, perhaps accusing the policies that led to racial minorities being put in jail. In the first debate, Biden stopped that path, seeing that he made his career as a public defender, while he chose to be a prosecutor, but it was not a line of attack, which he followed strictly.

"If [Harris and Booker] want to discuss the past, then I can do it. I am proud of the fact that I am proud that "Biden said on Wednesday." They got a past which is not so good. "

Harris's colleagues say that they are wasting the battle, an indication that poor blood flowing between two camps could become one of the decisive developments of the Democratic primary race.

Berkeley County Democratic Party President and Harris supporter Melissa Watson said, "I'm glad Joe Biden will be stronger this time."

Watson expressed disappointment at Biden's comments on Wednesday's fundraiser where he said goodbye to Harris after giving an inaugural speech at a conference, where the California Democratic Party officially supported him as the State Attorney General.

Watson said, "All his comments have the law of law." "He is saying, how did he dare to ask him about his past? And he says that he owed it, it means that he does not have the right to question him during the presidency? They are crazy, they run for the highest position.

Citizens focus on racial and racial attacks, which fly among candidates, underline the fierce battle for the support of black voters in the Democratic primary.

Since the first debate, Biden slipped a bit in the vote, but due to the support of African Americans, he maintained his position as a favorite in the race in the run.

In a Monmouth University survey published on Thursday, Biden was seen as a major early voting state in South Carolina, where an important voter represents about 60 percent of Democratic primary voters.

Biden has 39 percent support in General in South Carolina, and Harris is second with 12 percent. Former Vice-President has got 51 percent support for black voters in the state, followed by Harris 12 percent.

Monmouth University survey director Patrick Murray said, "Despite some errors in the race issue, Biden maintained wide support [among black voters]."

But Biden supporters know that support may disappear next week with another unstable debate performance.

"I'm glad that is he is endorsing in the end, I should cover the leak, but he needs SBIM to complete it during prime time with Harris and the booker said, flanking it on the stand, "a Democratic strategist who Biden supports. " Do not make any mistake: another poor performance and it may end up for it. He does not have the luxury to stop bad debates over each other, especially with many people coming after that. "

Biden initially was cautious in choosing a feud with Democrats, the aide said, "he did not want to contribute in a story that the president can use in a general election."

But on the same note, "These are the people who have come to them for advice and have said that they have been a great public servant, and now they are attacking their records."

The colleague said that the campaign is ready for other missions to join the attacks.

"They see that Harris had his own moment and he achieved what he wanted to achieve, and the booker was trying for his moment, so why not?" The associate said.

"I think the message sent to them recently is that people want an integrated, but also want a fighter. They can be both. And when he needs to fight, there is nothing that he does not do. "

Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said that he would be ready for his rivals' proposal.

"He said that he was proud of his achievements, and many of his opponents were suddenly and recently face-to-face," Bates said. "We are not letting anyone go, whether Democrats or Republicans can prove their record distort or wrong."