Burger King adds $ 1 tacos to his menu for a limited time

Burger King adds $ 1 tacos to his menu for a limited time

Burger King said Tuesday that it plans to sell nationwide $ 1 taco for a limited time.

Burger King North America President Chris Pinajo said in a statement, "We saw success with Tacos in our West Coast restaurant and we knew it was time to make West Coast a national favorite."

According to the figures from the end of May 2019 of NPD Group, the number of tacos sold in fast food restaurants increased by 4% this year to 1,400 million rations.

Crispy taco includes beef, cheddar, lettuce, and salsa.

Using the limited-time offer for the restaurant is not uncommon for attracting customers and creating excitement around the brand.

Tacos were briefly on the menu of the hamburger series in 2010.

Berger King's ownership is owned by Restaurant Brands International, which has seen an increase of around 15% in its shares since the beginning of the year. The parent company, which owns Tim Hortons and Popes, has a market value of more than $ 32 billion.

After the Company's first quarter earnings report fell below analysts expectations, shares of Restaurant Brands International fell in April. The company said that the deficit was due to higher tax expenditure.

Burger King is known to experiment with additions in its menu. In the month of January, he added "Funnel Cake Fries" in his menu for a limited time, and launched "Upside Down whopper" in June to celebrate Netflix Show "Stranger Things".