Classification of the British Open 2019: live coverage, Tiger Woods score, golf scores on Thursday | hailnewsup

After 68 years, the Open Championship returns to Royal Portrush for what should be an epic finale for the main season of 2019. There are endless stories, but the main one focuses on Rory McIlroy, who is the favorite to sit on Sunday in the leaderboard in a place where you also own the recording course. McIlroy's 61 when he was 16 will not do him any good this week, but he did set the stage for a four-race race (so far) and a victory here would be a show for his people.

As for the start of McIlroy ... well, that's not doing any good either. McIlroy fired an eight - eight! - in the first and followed by bogey the third. He birdied two in the top nine, so he works to get back, but McIlroy has almost always seen in the last nine when he closes his first 18 holes.

Tiger Woods will go to his 16th largest (another show), several wonders of ball strokes will try to start world-class seasons, and a renovated Portrush with two new holes will be shown to the world as the last four rounds of this year's major they play in the North Atlantic Sea.

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