Democratic presidential candidate Delaney says that Warren, Sanders has promised "story" that will never happen


Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney doubled his attack on progressive candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, saying that their "fairy tale" will never be impossible promises.

Members of the former Maryland Congress, who faced Warren in particular on the Democratic debate on Tuesday, appeared on "Fox and Friends" on Wednesday morning, which repeated their message of being moderate Democrats, which is the rise of the Left's radical policies. Resist the wave. Primary

"Either vote for someone who wants to solve problems and has ideas that are viable ... or we nominate someone who has much fairy-tale economics or impossible promises, None of whom will be there, "Delaney said. "As I said, in my opinion, they will reject the independent voters and will elect the President again."

Delano, who is only surveying a part of Warren and is a tough fight to ensure that he qualifies for further discussions, said Warren is not the only impossible proposal.

"It's not Elizabeth Warren alone, it's Bernie Sanders." If you take what they say at the peak, then what's next? ", I ask." Free holidays, free accommodation, all free. It means, at some point, we have to pay for these things. "

During the debate, Delano provoked the anger of the progressive: "Democrats win than when we seek real solutions, not impossible promises. When we walk with viable things, then the fairy tale of the economy with not."

Warren responded by saying the applause, "I do not understand that any President of the United States is troubled to run for the race, just to talk about what we really do not do And what we should not fight. " I do not understand ".

But Delano said that Warren's reaction was an "unscrupulous, slightly lazy" statement which shows that "there is a problem at the extreme left side of the party."

"When he points out the obvious flaws in those things about which he is talking about, then he says, well, this is a Republican conversation topic." "And I say, no, it's actually a fact that you should be able to defend yourself."

"I believe this also with Elizabeth Warren. When I point out that the things he is proposing, they are neutral economics, he says, oh, you are not ambitious enough. "

He said: "If you actually see what I am proposing, that is to create universal medical care, where every American has medical care as a basic right, but we have to keep people Which does not seem like a plan, is not ambitious, it really feels like a plan in which I have to politically take it Have to work hard and use every ounce of political capital.

"So I think this is a kind of lazy and unscrupulous people who do not feel comfortable in defending such crazy proposals."