Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce passed away at the age of 20


A Disney Channel star, Cameron Boyce, who is known for his portrayal of the franchise of the descendants of the network, died at the age of 20, different types of reports.

His family wrote in a statement, "The child who was sleeping due to a seizure died, which was the result of an ongoing medical condition, for which he was being treated." "The world is undoubtedly now without one of its bright lights, but its soul will live through the kindness and mercy of all those who know and love it."

Like most children's stars, Career's career was full of roles in which he played the role of children of main characters, played by more established actors, but he took part in that much more to show them charming Have been given He debuted his screen in 2008, both horror films appeared in Mirror, in which he played Kiefer Sutherland as Paul Patton's child and was killed by almost a demon, and thriller Eagle came in, in which he played the role of a girl Michelle Monaghan and almost wanting it. He killed the President with a trumpet. Following a recurring role in General Hospital: The Night Shift (Children of Anthony Sub to Junior), he returned to the cinema in Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 as Adam Sandler's son. Boyce spent twelve years on the Disney Channel, receiving a co-starring role in Jesse, Texas Transplant Nani served as one of New York's four wealthiest children. In 2015, he portrayed the son of Cruel de Ville in the original Disney Channel film Descent:

The descendants launched a franchise with the television series, shorts, and derivatives; Boyce will appear in the third film of the series, which will be released on August 2. She was also starting to transition to a more adult rate and is expected to appear on the next HBO series, Mrs. Fletcher.

Boyce co-stars and fans are crying on social networks. Adam Sandler published a poignant tribute writing that the actor "took so much care of the world" and regretted the work that could be done by him in the future:

In the Grown Ups films, Cameron's mother Salma Hayek called her "enthusiastic, talented, kind, generous, funny and bright light"

Charles Aston, who plays Boyce's father in Jesse, wrote a beautiful formula about meeting Boyce as a primary school student before becoming his co-worker:

And Robert Eger, President, and CEO of Walt Disney Company expressed his condolences:

When he was not acting, Boyce raised money for a nonprofit organization thirsty project, which produces freshwater wells in developing countries.