Down DownDetector, Internet Chaos reigned momentarily

Down DownDetector, Internet Chaos reigned momentarily
Cloudflare again had problems.

The cloud computing company suffered a global disruption on Tuesday morning, knocking down thousands of important websites that rely on Cloudflare networks for performance and security.

As it happens, one of the downloadable websites was DownDetector, the site where millions of people flocked to see if websites have performance problems. Internet interruptions are better when they are a bit ironic.

This was the scene in DownDetector, Cloudflare and all the sites that depend on your network:

This last problem in Cloudflare comes only a week after a different round of global cuts affected the company's network. That incident knocked down a lot of popular websites and applications, including the Discord chat service. Cloudflare attributed the blame for network problems to an Internet infrastructure problem at Verizon. It is not yet clear if this is the last incident.

You can follow the Cloudflare status here. The company has not responded to the problem of the cause, but the CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, is active on Twitter and says he will update his team to solve the problem: