Four arrested in the robbery of armored Wingstop after harassment


Four people were arrested on Monday after the police stole the Wingstop from Springfield Township on the tip of the gun.

Martez Brown, 30, and 26-year-old Jammal Johnson are accused of looting, gunfight and other crimes related to police ...

Officials accused a company employee, Michael Zentner, 29, but also robbery.

Identification of other suspects was not immediately available.

Officials accused the group of stealing West Galbraith Road restaurant after midnight.

Police records show that Brown used a stolen weapon to stop the trade and Johnson also had a weapon.

Investigators said that Johnson removed the 2009 Honda Accord from the scene.

Police followed the car, but people refused to stop, according to the records. Police said that after all, the car was abandoned near the Spruceglen Drive and the pursuit continued.

Investigators said that at least Brown was stopped by a K-9 police officer. Johnson was arrested near Venice Terrace.

Both men are being held on Tuesday at the Hamilton County Justice Center waiting for their first appearance in the court.