Goodyear approves the agreement to bring the Nike plant for 184 million dollars to West Valley

Goodyear approves the agreement to bring the Nike plant for 184 million dollars to West Valley

On Monday, Goodyear City Council unanimously approved an agreement with Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation's subsidiary, shoe manufacturer Nike Air, to reimburse the company for part of the cost of creating at least 505 jobs in the city.

The City of Goodyear will waive 75% of the non-accelerated permit and review fees of up to $ 652,233 and 100% of the accelerated rate of plan review fees of up to $ 342,577 for a total of $ 994,810 for the first phase. The city will also process the tenant improvement plans expeditiously.

The city will reimburse Nike $ 3,923 per qualifying qualified employee, up to $ 1.02 million. Qualified positions for reimbursement must be full-time and have a salary base of $ 42,614 with health care coverage offered by the company at least 65% of the premium costs. Nike must also have a weighted average annual salary base for Phase I employees of at least $ 48,514.

The Goodyear plant will manufacture the air used in Nike Air shoes, said Lalit Monteiro, vice president of Air Manufacturing Innovation. The air is made of 72 layers of material, 68 of which are the combined thickness of two human hair.

"It's very high-tech manufacturing," Monteiro told board members.

Nike will buy an existing building in Goodyear and initially occupy 500,000 square feet, with room to expand, said Harry Paxton, Goodyear's economic development project manager. The exact location of the plant has not been revealed.

Paxton said Goodyear made a short list of possible locations for Nike in April. As part of the rebate agreement, Nike must invest at least $ 184.5 million in Goodyear facilities.

Goodyear was chosen after a nationwide search. It will become the third manufacturing plant of the air cushion sole in the USA. UU

Despite initial praise for the project, Gov. Doug Ducey changed his position early Tuesday when he said on Twitter that he ordered the ACA to withdraw all incentive dollars for the Nike factory.



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The sudden movement derives from a report in the Wall Street Journal that said former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick persuaded the garment company to discard plans for shoes with an early version of the American flag. known as the Betsy Ross flag.

"Words can not express my disappointment at this terrible decision." I'm embarrassed by Nike, "Ducey wrote early Tuesday." Nike is an iconic American brand and an American company, this country, our system of government and free enterprise has allowed them to prosper and prosper.

"Instead of the history of the nation, Nike has apparently decided that Betsy Ross is unworthy and has bowed to the current assault of political correctness and historical revisionism, a shameful retreat for the company." Proud of our historic country, leaving it

"Nike has made its decision, and now we are making ours." I have ordered the Arizona Trade Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars at its discretion that the State was providing for the company to be located here. without Nike. We do not need to aspire to companies that consciously denigrate the history of our nation.