Guatemala's mother asks a soldier to visit him in the United States

Guatemala's mother asks a soldier to visit him in the United States

Lilly Perez, crying down with her face, put a tight hand down, a hand in which her 6-year-old son was looking at the Mexican National Guard's soldier, who stopped her from going to the United States.

The plight of this mother and son who had traveled about 1,500 miles (2,410 km) from her home country, Guatemala, was the border town of Ciudad Juarez, only a few feet away from the US. Was captured by Reuters photographer Jose Luis Gonzalez on Twilight on Monday.

Gonzalez said, "The woman allowed to cross the National Guard to beg for her ... she wanted to cross her son Anthony Diaz to give a better future." According to Gonzalez, the soldier dressed in a desert uniform, hanging on his shoulder with a rifle, said that he was just following the orders.

The soldier did not reveal his name.

One of the many images, which Reuters published in the form of the photo, was widely collected on the social network. They have highlighted the role played by the military guard of the National Guard of Mexico primarily in the prevention of migration from Central America.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador created the National Guard to reduce the rate of record killings, but nearly one-third of its members are now in line to meet President Donald Trump's demands to stop the flow of migrants traveling to the United States But has been entrusted to patrol.

During the nine-minute encounter with Perez and his son, the soldier did not show any open aggression. Nevertheless, the speed of the apparent power in the image resonates with criticism of the treatment that the migrants receive during the suppression of Mexico.

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who retweeted the image after being published by former Mexican ambassador, Arturo Sarukhan in the United States, wrote: "It is a matter of shame, that Mexico should never have accepted this."

The Office of the National Guard and Lopez Obrador did not respond immediately to comments requests.

In June, Lopez Obrador said that there was no order to stop the migrants who crossed the American border near the National Guard. He regularly insists that he does not violate suppression rights.

Recognition of migrants on the southern border of USUU. According to the US figures, they fell to one-third for about 100,000 people in June. UU., After Mexico, about 21,000 soldiers of the National Guard were deployed on their borders, largely from ranks of the army.

Trump said on Wednesday that Mexico "will probably have more troops on its border with the United States" soldiers. The Foreign Ministry of Mexico did not respond immediately to the request for comment.

Photographs are equipped with military guards, ballistic helmets, body armor and rifles in Ciudad Juarez. They are recognized by the Spanish words "National Guard" with small bracelets decorated with GN letters.

Gonzalez said that he was visiting his daily trip with Rio Grande's dry bed, which separates from his hometown, Ciudad Juárez, El Paso, Texas when the guard arrested a handful of migrants, in which the mother and son Pair, a dusty and filthy road. Looking at the river.

From here he has made his cracked argument.

"His face is a small reflection of the suffering of all migrants," said Gonzalez. "Many people judge the migrants, ask why they do not live in their country, why they come here or why they cross in the United States ... there is a story of every migratory."

Suddenly, while seizing the spot, when the soldier prepared for the fight was far away, Perez threw himself into the bushes growing along the banks of the river, dragged his son along with him. They quickly fled to the other side of the river and left the jurisdiction of the guards, where US customs and border security agents detained them.

In response to information requests, a spokesman said that the US customs and border security. They did not have the necessary resources to keep track of the current locations of Perez and his son, who could make their sons based on the details provided by Reuters.

According to the details of the case, both will usually be processed at a border petrol station and then distributed in immigration and customs control or will be included in a program, which will allow some immigrants to wait for a U.S. judicial hearing. Returns to Mexico you. He asked to not tell the name.