Here the bear is cutting the life sentence like human beings

Here the bear is cutting the life sentence like human beings

You must have seen humans punish life imprisonment, but have you ever heard that an animal is cutting the punishment of life imprisonment? No, but something like this is happening in jail in Kazakhstan. Here a female bear is cutting the punishment of life imprisonment.

In fact, there are a total of 730 prisoners in the Costini prison in Kazakhstan, including many murderers. In addition to these female bears are imprisoned. Well usually, any prisoner gets a maximum punishment of 25 years, but this bear has got life imprisonment. This female bear is the first prisoner in jail, who is serving life imprisonment.

The name of this female bear is Katya, whose age is 36 years. Earlier this female bear used to work in a circus, but later it was removed from there. After this, he was kept in a cage on a camping site. People used to feed him something or something.

It was 15 years ago when an 11-year-old boy tried to feed some of this bear he had cut it off. After this, the bear had attacked a person named Victor when he went to meet him.

After the attacks by the bear, it was decided to withdraw it from there to the zoo, but the zoo officials refused to keep it. After this, he was locked in jail. Since then he is locked up there. Now, this is the identity of the female bear prison.