Hi J.B. Holmes: move, friend

Hi J.B. Holmes: move, friend

In the bitter tone of irony, the right of Golfer Brooks Kopeka to be jb for the last round of the British Open on Sundays. Added to Holmes.

Koepka, who definitely wakes up, has complained about the slowness of other golfers in the past. They believe that the PGA should intervene and enforce game-beat penalty to help speed things up. Holmes is one of the most painstaking contestants of the PGA, which is similar to a live sketch on Saturday night about an annoying golfer.

You will never believe what happened next!

Holmes took his sweet moments in all his 87 shots on Sunday, compelled Koepka, who wanted to make only golf shots and was disappointed with the machines of his palate by defeating the protein. After finishing the play, Koepka wisely complained that Holmes had not even started thinking about his shot until he had a turn to shoot.

In February, our Andy Nesbet sat with Kopka and argued that "PGA should run and punish players like Holmes", which once took four minutes to literally hit one shot. Andy is right because it is in all times and is related to the date: If Holmes is not ready to accelerate on his own, then the creator of the game needs to ensure that he does this.

And, look: Holmes is trying to do to win the golf tournament, so anyone can defend it by taking advantage of the operation, which does nothing to control its glowing motion. But "one", in this case, will not "me".

Because to mourn, friend, move it.

Finally, professional golfers are in the entertainment business. right? They are not trying to entertain us clearly, but the main reason why they are given a lot of money is that people want to see golf. And although the PGA should be obliged to keep its product as acceptable as possible, I find that Holmes does not feel that obligation himself.

Are not you ashamed, sir? When you consult carefully to refresh yourself on the green slopes before launching, do not you feel the impatience of all the visitors of the whole world? Do not you care at all about the fact that you are defending other professional golfers around you, who manage 45 seconds without any equal or better performance, every time they look for a golf ball?

Almost nothing in this world makes me feel more uncomfortable than annoying strangers. If I get a dreaded message of "SWIPE CARD AGAIN IN THIS TURN" at a busy metro station in New York City, then my heart gets worried until I get the machine to process my rate. The most important lesson I want to teach my little boy is to get out of the way after escaping with the escalator.

I do not know what he says about me, but I can not see how bad it can be to feel a sense of responsibility towards those who do not know me and I do not want to wait for what I order. Out of my things, I have things to do and I care about. But I just can not understand the true and inaccurate sense of right to allow our own nonsense to come in the way of others.

Obviously, I do not know this guy, JB Holmes, and I try strangers not to judge for those actions that I do not fully understand. But, honestly, I judge this man. It seems oz. Hurry up, bru.

Big winners on Sunday: Liverpool F.C. The fans

I know so little about football that I understand only 40% of the words in this post, but I was able to understand that "Liverpool", as it is in, refers to the Liverpool Football Club and the entire English port The city is not the Beatles. gave us. According to the relevant clues, I think fans of Liverpool Football Club often sing a song whose name will never be you alone, according to Google, originally from Rogers and Hammerstein's music carousel.

Fans of the football team of the same name in Liverpool will adopt an American melody on some of the most famous children of the city who escape my head? Imagine this kind of anticipation that 45,000 people singing at the same time in Yellow Submarine will attack against football players. But Liverpool supports those who created Fenway Park for "friendly" (i.e., an exhibition game), who sang on Sunday, and it's definitely amazing. From Sweet Caroline songs and choir to Fenway Park, Bob Marley has three Little Birds experiences, when Shane Victorino used it as his passing song a few years ago.

Goalfast Pace: Rivera, LSU, A Better Drake

- Mariano Riviera led a group of six MLB players who were included in the Hall of Fame during the weekend. For a long time, I have argued that the status of the river, reserved single-entry reserve should not really exist to save the situation, but Riviera was much better than anyone else in the history of the game. Here is a very personal thing that I have done in his greatness, The brightness of 2014 was written about greatness.

- LSU introduced a new football cupboard, which looks like a first-class airplane cabin. There are sleeping pods in it. Just pay the players now.

- Check out this release launched by Oliver Drake, then think that Drake is a reliever pitcher for his sixth team from the beginning of 2018, and then these days, Major League hitters are responsible for all punch in baseball Try to give I keep saying: The problem with Major League Baseball is that the players are very good at baseball.