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Hooray for "Hollywood": Quentin Tarantino is her biggest B.O. Opening all the time with $ 41 million in "Lion King" is still $ 78 million with gentlemen - updates


Update, Saturday AM: W / Chart Finally! At the original Counterprogramming Summer Box Office, Sonny Quentin works as Turn on a Time in Hollywood for her best national premiere with Tarantino, who has opened $ 41 million in the opening.

This weekend is a test: If you are not a superhero movie, it does not mean that you are destined to lead a life in streaming. As Sony performed for the baby driver in June / July 2017 with the opening of $ 39M for 7 days, movies went crazy and watched a new high-concept style movie on the big screen to see their TV, mobile phones and The transmissions will be removed. In the United States, he spent $ 107.8M on that media rights capital movie, $ 227m worldwide.

To reach this level, many elements must be aligned with the planet: First, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood continues to show how a writer can only stand in the audience as a brand director, Especially when it is more important in business with stars, read Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Roby. What does Tarantino sell? Perform crisp in fun, originality, engaging violent actions and well-defined gender scenarios (Old West, World War II and Hollywood here 1969). The general public knows that they are going to see something that they have not seen anywhere else (Tarantino could see earlier in a foreign film or an old photo of the 60s or 70s but not with John Q.). ComScore / Screen Engine Post track told tonight that nearly half viewers (47%) say that their main reason for watching Hollywood is a director. The PostTrak standard for this metric is usually 7%. The exit poll also states that 37% of all viewers said that the main reason they went to Hollywood was more than the average metric of 18%.

Then, to work your counterprogramming, shout and market your film for the world. In this case, Sony sold Hollywood as the "Ninth movie of Quentin Tarantino", so that it could not remember the photo (she always said she could retire soon). This means that Pulp Fiction Day Tarantino's 25th anniversary takes Hollywood to Cannes, which means that the photo has taken them into the superstar category. The World Press quickly fell in love with Hollywood, was quickly talking about the Oscars for the film and was sending rotten tomatoes scores for more than 90 percent of the months before its release. The fact is that the people who used to participate in the ticket could not even enter the pave; It was so fast filled (and the festival gave lots of tickets).

You will also have to pay to win at the box office, and we hear that the estimated global expenditure here for Hollywood is approximately $ 110 million. This summer there are some unique films that did not reach the big waves (i.e., Paramount Crawl and A24's Midsummer) and reached the heights at the box office. Some of it comes down to how much a studio/distributor is willing to spend, and if they are potentially b.o. The reward will overtake the risk. Paramount was on the crawl for digital-style economic expenditure. Concerned about the fact that critics will take it out because crocodile films have traditionally shouted "Zade", not "Shark" Marquee who stopped it from projecting. Very bad, because they have a film that is really cool and high concept. The film showed 83% fresh last-minute surprises at RT before the premiere, and such a blessing could do wonders for the great discussion of the photo, possibly targeting fans of the goal-style crossed their demo. It is a flood during a storm and a wild and original hunter journey in the house, and by no means should it be a movie which has been started again to look at the mobile phone. Tracking demands can be viewed on the big screen. Now, Paramount is trying to hold on to social media advertisements, which sell RT scores (effortlessly, I was in the 100-seat theater at ChestSorath, CA on Thursday night for Crawwell and it was packaged, so the micro-level Click on it)

Here's the conclusion, especially regarding the Hollywood conversation, that in the Disney-dominated world, smaller and counterprogrammatic releases should be sold even stronger than before. You are a studio and you are sitting on some origin, do not hide it. Make it a crossover

It's fun, three summers ago was an action-comedy movie on the market that looked like Tarantino's Hollywood: it was called The Nissgues, it was founded in the 1970s, almost two people who got into trouble (and Even sold it), Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, and Iron Man 3, director of Shane Black. The film was premiered in the ears throughout the world, critically acclaimed (93% certified in a new form) and a CinemaScore, which was not far from Hollywood with Tarantino's last 'B'. At the end of this weekend, Hollywood will be more in its opening than compared to the Nice Friends during its National Career ($ 36.2M). Why a big difference in business? First of all, Tarantino has proved itself an important event. Again, it is about how much P & A studio is willing to spend and where the film is kept. With the cost of Hollywood being $ 90M- $ 96M (25% of that cost with the Bona film), Sony was definitely going to spend for the best possible opening and did it on a weekend in which someone There was no big male competition. Feet. The cost of Nice Guys was only $ 50 million, so Warner Bros. did not need to spend $ 110 million worldwide to open it, in addition to this, R film: A week against another skewed picture of neighbor Rogue Rising Was planted at the end. Neighbors opened at number 3 in $ 21.7M, Nice people went up to number 4 with $ 11.2M.

RelishMix Social Media Entertainment Analysis Group says that Hollywood demand "for many reasons, ranging from artists to rumors coming from action and ears, where the movie has received a standing from six minutes." Particularly crowds, which others claim to see this play, say that it is indeed remarkable if it is not specified in the third act to overcome violence. In any case, Tarantino's loyal followers, DiCaprio, Pitt, Robbie and other co-stars such as Bruce Lee did not mention the picture, are definitely compelled to discuss a common topic about social towards the positive. "

There was also some calculation in the pace of marketing for Hollywood: "Less focus is more," RelationMix has described it in its latest report and one that has broken late The first teaser which was released on March 20, and can even be described as "Come Is More Trailer", sold all the great aura of the photograph more than its history, everything that is great and strange About the end is strange. In a Decaprio and Robbie's 60s, Sharon Tate Pitt danced to the hit reality show Artist. That advance only recorded 18.8 million views on Sony Youtube portal. Subsequently, 15 million views were thrown on Sony's YT page two months prior to the official advance.

Given the Facebook video menu in particular on the official website of the film, only three clips were published a month before the opening mark, which is very light. Therefore, it is clear that the campaign agreed with the 'low' approach. Allow more 'Tarantino fans to take heavy, which is indicated by the high EOR score of the 33: 1 movie (at the beginning of the week, above the average of 13: 1 movie like this), " Says Ilishmics. In the end, Facebook was a great platform for Hollywood with many spots and memes in recent weeks.

Then, you should credit the distribution of Sony to find a magical place in the summer calendar, where Hollywood can open without opposition. He said, talk about the risk: it is a weekend between two tents: the first Disney record in July, The Lion King ($ 191.77 million) and the Universal Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, which easily The projection can overcome $ 60 million four weeks before the first. However, Hollywood provides a retro-action experience which is different from the mass of remnants of CGI lions and meat with guns and cars. Also, because Hollywood's purpose is on older adults who have made their cinematic decisions on Rotten Tomatoes, they will come out gradually (we heard through the vineyard that a senior Sony official at the Hollywood premiere of the box office Shouting to assess the merits, Hollywood for the Labor Day weekend. Do not worry, the film is already solid with the door). Finally, when it comes to Hollywood's success, it helps when there is a movie in a studio, which critics and people see face to face

Now, when it comes to the business of Hollywood, we hear that on the last day there is an indication of the image on the west coast with solid and coherent businesses. At this time, analysts are looking at Hollywood for a decrease of +15% or slightly more on Saturday. To reach Tarantino's picture $ 50 million at the end of this week, I would need $ 16.7 million to increase 9% or more on Saturday (including a cash advance of $ 5.8 million last night).

Finally, tonight, Lion King is still looking for $ 78 million for the weekend, however, there may be the ability to go up to $ 80 million after the morning. In the meanwhile, the A24 Chinese drama, The Firewall, is $ 10 with $ 135, and 135 theaters at weekends, beginning the beginning of summer.

UPDATE, Friday afternoon: Disney Lion King, with a three-day estimate of $ 77 million to $ 78.5 million for its second box at the Disney National level, is currently getting more success than expected. This is 60% less than the previous week after the second Friday of $ 23M, which is 70% less than a week ago.

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is currently more than $ 30m and $ 16.5m less than $ 30m on Friday, which includes $ 5.8m from the night before. If that total of three days is maintained, then it will have to open a record for Tarantino, which is called Inglourious Basterds $ 38m

The Lion King's total deposit for the top 10 days is $ 353.8m.

Sony also received brides for the third position with Spider-Man: Estimated $ 11M- $ 12M from the house on week 4 and cumulative total for $ 344M on Sundays, the fourth-highest grossing position of Sony's fourth film National history After Jumanji BO: Welcome to the Jungle ($ 404.5m), Original Spider-Man $ 403.7M and Spider-Man 2 from 2004 to $ 373.5m from 2002 As the deadline's Nancy Tartaglione had already reported, the house has crossed the $ 1 billion mark in the distance.

Toy Story 4 of Disney / Pixar is currently at number four with $ 9 million, weekends at -43%, for a total of $ 395 million on Sunday.

The fifth place is the Paramount crawl crocodile horror photo, which is $ 3.3M for weekend 3, 46% discount, a cumulative total of $ 30.7M.

PREVIOUSLY, Friday, 7:17 AM: Once Upon a Time at Sony's Hollywood grossed $ 5.8 million at the box office on Thursday evening, which started at 4 o'clock, and beginning with ComScore / Screen Engine Post track Departure It's fantastic, a solid 4 stars and 55% are definitely recommended.

Hollywood was at stake in 3,318 locations. The photo extends to 3,659 today.

While following the 69 o'clock in the summer of Quentin Tarantino's ode is less than $ 30 million, the Oscar-winning filmmaker may be looking for the best opening of his career, defeating Inglourious Basterds by 38 million. Dogs have been targeted in this summer in adult summer, but Sony may reverse with Tarantino with its first full global collaboration (in the past, this study had overseen the director's director in Django Unchained). In the weekend selling the prime ticket, pouring more gas into the Hollywood tank, the quiet Rotten Tomato score is 88%.

Prior to Hollywood, Tarantino's biggest preview night was Inglourious Basterds midnight show with $ 1.3M in August 2009. The previous night's tour was more than $ 5.5m from Dunkirk, one July was the picture of an author's favorite filmmaker (Christopher Nolan), which ended. With the inauguration of $ 50.5m, that crashed his follow-up of $ 35M- $ 40M. The show is completely full for Hollywood at 7:45 pm in the Pacific Theater in Chatsworth, California, last night. We were listening on that day when the opening of the image had sold 70 mm of Cinerama dome. Fandango told earlier this week that Hollywood is the best reseller of early Tarantino tickets.

The Hollywood crowd was mostly adult last night, 79% in 25 years. Males over 25 years of age constituted 47% of the audience (by the way, it was a similar partnership for Dunkirk), 25% with more than 32 women, males less than 25 years of age and males less than 25 years of age. Was 5%. More than 25 boys gave their best rating with retro comedy Leonardo DiCaprio-Brad Pitt-Margot Robbie with 80% positive Early participation in diversity was 67% of Caucasian, 10% Hispanic, 10% African American and 8% Asian. By the weekend, all these outings and scores can fluctuate.

We hear that the cost of Hollywood before P & A is $ 96 million, though Sony says that $ 90 million A good start in the US UU. / Canada can be very useful so that foreigners do not have to do all the heavy work for the ceremony of this 2 hours and 41 minutes. Any foreign field will not go to Hollywood this weekend.

Between photos in a regular release of this photo, The Lion King of Disney led all the movies with a $ 15 million yesterday, 12% less on Wednesday, which ended with $ 275.2 million on its first week. Simba will roar again with $ 95 million during the weekend. Sony's Spider-Man: The second house with $ 2.4 million in the remote, the third weekend of $ 33.5 million and a cumulative total of $ 332.2 million. Disney / Pixar Toy Story 4 $ 1.9M, the fifth week of $ 24.8M and a cumulative total of $ 3.7.7M. Paramount was with the $ 710K, with the fourth week of $ 9.6M, and a total of $ 27.5m for a 14-day total. Disney Aladdin was in fifth place at $ 580K, a ninth week for $ 6.9m and a cumulative total of $ 343.1M.