Huge rubber kick spot 'Fortnite': where to visit a giant beach umbrella and huge rubber duck

We have almost reached that issue of Peely. Fortnite's 14 days of summer have been running for a while, eliminating the daily challenges and daily rewards here in the last days of season 9. We started dancing at beach parties, but in the meantime, we've been playing. Beach balls, play on carnival clowns tables, pop party balloons, fireworks and do all kinds of summer activities. Today is funny: there has been a giant rubber duck hanging on the map since before the event began, and now is the time to visit. Read on to get a map, guide, and location to visit a giant rubber duck and bounce on a beach umbrella in the same game.

First of all, we will need our rubber ducky. I can not give you a map for this guy, because he moves from one game to another. However, I think you can always find it in the river, which greatly reduces things. The best way to find it is to ride the slipstream that runs through most of the river: you'll be safe enough inside, and you'll be able to get around pretty quickly. This is what it looks like:

The duck actually has one of those giant health bars that we saw with the rocks at the excavation site, but I think that each game is generated again and, therefore, can not be destroyed by the common effort.

Beach umbrellas are easier. Not only do we use them for a previous challenge, but they can also be seen quite easily from the moment you leave the battle bus. Here there are locations, however, if you want a little more guidance. Some of these are closer to the river than others and will be better for this challenge:

I recommend hitting the umbrella as soon as you land: if you have not finished the previous challenge, you can progress a little there. But if you choose the one near Dusty Divot and then you head to the river, you should be able to complete this in a short time.

There is the challenge but come back for more. The summer days are almost over, at least at Fortnite, but there is still much to come here in Season 9.