Investments $ 1 billion in Microsoft OpenAI

Investments $ 1 billion in Microsoft OpenAI

Microsoft Corp said it was investing $ 1 billion in OpenAI based in San Francisco, and both of them formed a multi-year partnership to develop artificial intelligence supercomputing technology in Microsoft's Azure Cloud computing service.

OpenAI was established in 2015 as a non-profit organization with a wealth of Silicon Valley investors Sam Altman, Peter Thiel, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. At the beginning of this year, the group created a relevant for-profit unit to attract external investment.

Since its foundation, OpenAI has been used to make progress in the field of artificial intelligence researchers, such as to work as a robot to train robots, to reduce cost and time, all software Man-doing in

The group has published on AI's security and social implications, to check how computers can generate realistic news with fewer headline suggestions and warning researchers how their work and algorithms have been published before those who have done bad things.

OpenAI said that Microsoft's investment will help push forward "artificial common intelligence" or AGI. An AGI is the sacred tomb of the area and it will mean that computer systems can be a subject or better than the best humans in the world.

Altman said in a statement, "We believe that it is important that the AGI is deployed safely and its economic benefits have been widely distributed." "We are excited about the depth with which Microsoft shares this vision."

Microsoft said that both companies will together create new technologies in Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service. Both also said that OpenAI will move many of its services, although not everyone, Azure and Microsoft will be the "preferred" partner to market new services.

Both sides refused to answer questions from the beginning of this year, OpenAI made a limited-profit company to take out external investment. The profit-benefit unit is ultimately controlled by the council of the non-profit organization.

When OpenAI created the framework in March, he said that the investors who invest money in the profitable unit, their return is limited and the mission of the non-profit organization gives priority again.

Microsoft and OpenAI refused to answer the question of whether Microsoft's investment of $ 1 billion would be limited or jointly develop technologies based on revenue and earnings.

Both companies have also refused to say whether Microsoft will be invested in cash or it will include credit for the Azure cloud computing service.

Cloud computing services are a significant cost for OpenAI, which was spent $ 7.9 million on cloud computing in the fiscal year 2017, or according to the documents presented, about a quarter of its total functional expenditure for that year. U.S. Internal Revenue Service U.S